Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reception Decor- Draping & Lighting

One of the ways you can definately bring out "WOW" factor as the guests enter your reception has to be lighting & draping. Flowers alone won't do the magic. Whether it's pin spotting on your important tables such as head and cake table or up lighting adding extra splash of color to the walls of your venue-lighting brings such a dramatic effect and can tranform your wedding reception * If you're tight on budget, I would definately cut back on flowers and take adventage of this useful effect- it makes a world of difference!
images courtesty of Cynthia Martyn Events


images courtesy of White Light Design

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hot & Sexy!

I love bold designs and rich, bright colors for wedding schemes. Your wedding shoes certainly doesn't need to be white or creme. Check out these shoes that are screaming for some attention!

All from J. Crew
All from Piperlime

photo credit: En Pointe Photography
Photo Credit: Jessica Claire
Photo Credit: Duke Photography

photo credit: Jessifer Skog ( okay... these are not red but I love these ones too!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Young & Tim's Engagement photos

Young & Tim are getting married at Trinity Episcopal Church in SF this September and they just took their engagement shots with one of the most talented photographers, Jules Bianchi. I seriously admire and respect her work. You gotta check out her blog if you haven't already! I absolutely loved Young's dress and she's such a beautiful woman inside & out!

What to wear to engagement photos?
You want to look casual and fun and not too formal, while wearing something that really is very ‘you’. It’s important to wear clothing that you can sit, stand and walk comfortably in because you will be moving around a lot for a variety of different photographs. Wearing clothes that match your partner’s (like khaki and white) usually does not look good, but it is important to stick to the same color family or complementary tones and bear in mind that darker colors are most slimming on women. It’s also important to incorporate the same level of formality into your outfits - meaning one person should not look like they are going to the beach and the other to an office meeting!- written by Laura Novak

1. Pack a change of clothes and leave it in the car.

2. If you wear white or cream pants or top, be sure it isn't too see-through or if it is, where a nude (bra, camisole, slip) underneath.
3. Also pack a "touch up" kit- a bronzer, blush, eyebrow curler, lip balm and gloss. Q-tips and eyeliner to reapply over the course of the session. I would also add brush or a comb for your hair.
4. Make sure you wear a color that doesn't transfer over to your partner's lips!
5. Pack water. It's unbelievable how thirsty you can get after lots of kissing for the camera!
6. Pack snacks. Nuts, pretzels, whatever keeps you going.
I would also suggest a friend to tag along with you just in case if there's no parking or something unexpected things to occur. You don't want to waste every minute of your photo session.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What you need to know about DOC (Day of Coordinator)

If you asked me if it's a MUST to hire a full service wedding coordinator, I'd say No. However I can clearly say with confidence that it's a MUST to hire a DOC( day of coordinator). 80% of my clients hire me 5-6 months before their wedding and I do prefer working closely with them to insure quality service & to plan out all the details. (I actually love giving my opinions on choosing linens, flowers,lighting & decor details and not to mention going with them to food & cake tasting! keke)
I've mentioned previously why having a coordinator can be the best investment you'll make during your planning, but here's what you need clearly understand about having a DOC and what that means on your wedding day. I always mention this to my clients before they sign the contract.
1) hire your DOC at least one or two months prior to your event. You need to understand that although you're practically hiring them for the day of, it requires extensive work & communication in order to create a flawless event.
2) your DOC will not be held responsible for any lack of professionalism or service by the vendors, especially if the bride & groom have chosen their own vendors outside of the recommendations.
3) your DOC can cost between $500- $3,000 depending on their experiences & professionalism. Obviously, if you're only paying $300-$500, you're not hiring a profesional wedding coordinator.

There are so many components of a wedding - from the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to all the activities that take place during the reception. A professional coordinator makes sure that you keep on schedule, maintain a great flow, handle any crises that may arise and make sure the day is worry and stress free for you. However, you cannot expect your DOC to do it alone, it's a team work between all the vendors & on site banquet manager. Here are the some services you need to expect.
1st meeting - Review all the vendor contracts provided by client and produce a minute by minute timeline of the wedding day.
2nd meeting- Final detail meeting with client, meet at venue if available.Unlimited emails and phone calls during the 2 month period.
Review and proof BEO (Banquet Event Order) provided by catering manager.
Contact service providers for arrivals time and communicate venue’s procedures for unloading, set up and tear down.
Confirm all vendor orders and quantities on rental items.
Distribute client approved timeline to all vendors 1 week before wedding date.
Work with Officiant in coordinating the ceremony.
Communicate with musicians on ceremony song selections and cueing wedding party for processional.
Assist Officiant and Orchestrate ceremony rehearsal with bridal party and family.
Communicate and manage banquet staff regarding set ups and compliance of floor plans.
Attend sound check with Band musicians/ or DJ.
Direct Ushers with seating and program distribution.
Assist with set up- Seating Cards, Menus, Favors, Sign-in Book, Gifts, etc.
Work with Band/DJ to establish timing for Grand Entrance, First Dance, Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Toss.
On site coordination and management of entire wedding day.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Color palette for Spring & Summer weddings

Kathryn at Snippet & Ink, one of my favorite blogs, creates gorgeous inspiration boards and credits all the images. If you're having a hard time choosing your color palette, you NEED to visit her blog NOW!!!
Board #180 (palette: orange & peach)

Board # 165 (palette: blue, white, tan & grey)

Board #159 (palette: grass green, bright yellow)

Board #157 (palette: blue & orange) ** I love the color combination!

Board #149 (palette: peach, yellow, strawberry)

Board #116(palette: pink, orange, lime green, turquoise) *My favorite!

Board #182 (palette: white & yellow)

Board #117 (palette: Tiffany blue & yellow)