Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're in Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book!

I’m so delighted to share that My Bride Story have been chosen to be a part of Style Me Pretty’s exclusive Little Black Book. The Little Black Book is thoughtfully edited listing of only top quality vendors that exhibit exceptional aesthetic and ability, the “best of the best,” as they put it. I’m so flattered and honored to be a part of this exclusive group and thrilled that we're the first planner they contacted as soon as they launched the Malibu region.

I cannot thank enough for our wonderful clients who have trusted us completely, our staff who are nothing but 100% supportive and reliable and all the fab vendors who have collaborated with me and shared their passion. Without them, we wouldn't have come this far.
You can go check out our showcase here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Loving the texture, creativity behind this designer Eunsuk Hur. Textiles that explore the boundaries of fashion, interior, art and craft... just so inspirational!








Absolutely loving these images by Labor of Love created by Ashley Meaders

OK. I saved these three lovely images on my desktop for a while and have no idea where I found them. Love the newspaper wall decal and the blue & hot pink color combination of this living room!

look 4 less - finds - spaces (idea boards)-1
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Bride Story Gives Back!

As of now, My Bride Story has been donating 10%-15% of our total monthly income to non-profit organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ, World Vision and Frontiers. While this has been a tremendous blessing for us and the organizations (specifically for the staff who are working diligently to spread the Gospel), we decided to take a different approach to our giving.

Being inspired by Brandon Kidd Photography, the amazingly talented husband/wife duo photographers, MBS will now give back 10% of the package to one or multiple organizations on behalf of our clients. Our clients will have the liberty of choosing which organization they would like to support and that 10% will be sent out in check form from MBS on behalf of our clients' names.

Our effort is not only for us to give back but we also want to include our clients in the inexpressibly joy that comes from giving. This also gives us a chance to get to know more organizations/charities that are doing wonderful things around the world. We hope and believe this small act will open a door to some great conversations with our clients. We want to engage in conversations (not merely wedding planning discussions) and sharing the true meaning of giving and love to those who are around us.

NOTE: 'MBS Giving Back' will start immediately in October so please email/share with us any organizations you think would benefit from our giving. We hope to do a mission spotlight once in a while to feature their work for our readers to be inspired and challenged. Let's take a break from wedding planning and start off on a positive foot, making an impact in the lives of others as you yourselves start your journey together as husband and wife!
MBS Staff

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things I've realized lately..

* Not everybody will agree with your rates & services and that's ok. We can't cover 100-200 weddings per year. You charge what you believe is a fair value for the product/service you provide.

* I've learned to trust my instinct
. Not every bride is a MBS bride and taking on a client who isn't a good fit for you can possibly turn out to be a nightmare. Um.. for the record, I've had two brides whom I honestly didn't want to see after their weddings for various reasons. They seriously had me doubting if I was right for the job.

* Being passionate and being addicted to your work is a different story. This line so often gets blurred if you don't continue to check the attitude of your heart. Trying to find your identity and self worth through your work & accomplishments will only lead you to self appraisal or self pity/discouragements. I have experienced on both ends and realized my identity and my worth should NEVER come from work or how other people view my work. I love my job but my job doesn't define who I am. Know your boundaries and never neglect family and friends because of your job. *sigh* another reminder for myself. :)

* While it's great to network, there's no need to be friends with ALL the vendors/event professionals. This job isn't a popularity contest or how many people you 'click' with. I believe vendors should be people who you can rely on for source of strength and encouragement, inspirations (venting is allowed time to time! :) not about how you can use their talent for the sake of growing of your own business OR to spread your name out there.

* There's no need to check every wedding blog and subscribe over 100 blogs out there for source of inspirations. There are so much loveliness in the blog world but true inspirations should come from the couple and we're hired to bring their vision to life- not copy someone else's beautiful wedding.

* Hire staff you can depend on
(again! trust your instinct) and delegate and delegate! With that last note said, we have some amazing news to share as we get ready for the year 2011! Stay tuned for updates.

What are some of the lessons you've learned lately while running your own creative business?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jinhee & Mark Tie The Knot (Part 2)

Jinhee and Mark are both from New York. For their special day they decided to get married in sunny (but with a light breeze) Southern California. The couple chose to tie the knot at the Adamson House in Malibu, which became the perfect venue for a natural, feminine, summer inspired wedding.
For her color palette, Jinhee chose to go with hues of orange, blue, pink & peach with a hint of khaki which brought together the natural feminine look they were going for. Jinhee set the tone of the wedding looking ever so beautiful in her Monique Lhuiller and the girls wore blue and orange dresses which were the perfect compliment to the color concept of the night.
Without further ado, enjoy these lovely photos by the one and only, Sarah Yates...



Kristine Shin incorporated peaches and apricots to not only remind of us of summer but to also bring out the color in the tablescapes. Mark scoured the internet and found these amazing Spanish tiles, created a design at the escort card table and also used Spanish tiles as table numbers as well.

The guests were first greeted with a custom made wedding post that the groom designed, painted, and assembled. It directed the guests to the sycamore lawn where they were welcomed with a beautiful drink station that was personalized with their invites (custom made postcards that welcomed the guests to Malibu). The guests enjoyed strawberry mint lemonade and mariposa plantation ice tea that were served in mason jars.
Styling drinks station should be my signature move! :) The woven baskets were purchased from the World Market for $10 & the juice dispensers were $15 each! The crates for the mason jars were purchased at Crate & Barrel on sale~ woot!

LOVE LOVE LOVED our ceremony set up!

mark_jinhee-100_layer_cake062mark_jinhee330OK. when Mark told me he was planning on making the sign post I really didn't expect much from him. Then I went to his house for the rehearsal night and my jaw literally dropped when I saw his creation. The sign post was PERFECT! Yay, for DIY grooms!


'Kick off your heeels~" The bride and groom provided flip flops for their guests to slip on something more comfortable to dance the night away. They even provided bags to store their heels. Mark and Jihee are so thoughtful, even in the smallest details.

mark_jinhee-100_layer_cake036Gotta love a little bling in the CHOOs! :)

Sweet Lady Jane makes cakes that are to die for and it was a perfect way to end the night!

Sarah whisked the bride and groom away as the sun was setting to sneek in a couple more pictures. The shots are perfect, they look so dreamy! Having some time for the sunset photo is a must!


They're SO in love..


Jinhee & Mark have poured out their hearts into planning this wedding and we're so honored to be chosen along side to help their vision come to life. We did not leave one detail untouched. From the signpost that guided their guests, the drink station to keep the guests hydrated, the flip flops and bags so the guests would be comfortable to dance the night away, to the carefully assembled floral arrangements and the menu cards that were printed on vintage post cards, the chilled beers we served at the end of the night along with fresh served tacos. The bride and groom even provided small mason jars filled with kimchi for their guests to enjoy during the family style dinner, every Korean needs their kimchi!!!

Hats off to all the vendors who brought Jinhee and Mark's flawless wedding to life. That night was truly magical.