Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Mommy was too cheap to get me a Halloween costume so she got creative!

By day.. I was a teddy bear.
a hand-me-down PJ and mommy glued leftover pom poms from my birthday party.

By night.. I was a lil ROCKSTAR!

Do you notice my cool chains & plugs? :)

Mommy told me I'd look cool if I wore her shades so I did.
a girl's tights ($2.99), converse ($24 @ Target), Kenneth Cole baby jacket (gift from a friend) and some gel or moose for the mohawk hairstyle. ;)

G-night, readers! I'm all pooped out from partying too much! - Grant

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celina & David's Wedding Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

Today's wedding has been featured on Green Wedding Shoes and we're SO delighted to share more photos from Celina & David's adorable, sweet wedding taken by the talented Heather Kincaid! Please head over to Green Wedding Shoes to read all the juicy details from Celina & myself.

How it all started...
"It was Valentine's Day, 2004. Celina was a sophomore at Wellesley; David a junior at Harvard. Earlier that day, Celina's friends had made plans to go dancing with some gentlemen from Harvard. Bending to her friends' pleas, Celina agreed to go along. And off to Boston they went. The night on the dance floor was magical. David was struck by Celina's poise and beauty. Celina was struck by David's childish dance moves..."

Without much interruption, hope you enjoy these photos & be smitten by their cuteness!

Isn't Celina SO adorable? :)

My favorite shot of the couple.. They're SO in love!

pale blue bridesmaids dresses
Can you believe Celina drew the map herself?

To keep the focus on the beauty of the chapel, we kept the florals understated with a few lemon garlands along the aisle. Celina’s childhood pastor officiated a beautiful ceremony. It’s unclear who shed the first tear, but by the time the dust settled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Font size

It's been a while since I helped with the pae bek ceremony this year so I had to refresh my memory a bit. ;) If you haven't already, please visit our pae bek site to watch the demonstration & all the step by step instructions about the ceremony.
Now onto some juicy reception details..

scrabble letters wedding decorations
Stinkin cute DIY Mr. & Mrs. lemon that Celina made!

wedding cake with lemons on top
library card catalog

I'm so in love with these lawn game shots that Heather took!

NOTE: If you've been recently engaged, I highly recommend you to visit Green Wedding Shoes Vendor Guide. They hand-picked and linked the TOP wedding professionals I personally LOVE and My Bride Story is also listed with so many great wedding designers/planners in the industry. Thank you GWS!

We still have a few more weddings to reveal so come back real soon! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Things that make me all warm & fuzzy

I usually keep all the thank you letters & gifts to myself but I wanted to share these two reviews that past brides have sent me. These letters were not about how organized, professional or helpful I was on their wedding day, but rather, they both expressed the love & passion that I have for my clients. Building these wonderful relationships with clients & vendors is without a doubt what excites me most about this job, and it is always encouraging when clients are somehow affected by this passion.

Here are two recent reviews that almost made me tear up:

...When I first heard of you and your business, it had a sense of warmth and love behind all of your work and I think that's what really drew me to you. Little did I know that not only do you love your work but you love your clients as well. I feel so undeserving for all you've done for me including giving me wise advice about work, God and life & marriage and it really reflected a bit of God's grace. Thank you for helping me get ready for this new journey together with my now-husband!..."

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Esther for making all of our hopes and dreams for our wedding come to life. Esther is truly dedicated to her work and is passionate about making all things beautiful. She really took the time to understand our style/personalities and was so great about sending us new ideas and inspirations. We could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding and most importantly, our guests loved the experience. Being a bride can be really stressful and Esther made the experience so much easier by having wonderful relationships with quality vendors, paying attention to every detail and executing magazine-worthy designs with her impeccable style. Her staff is absolutely wonderful and if there were any hiccups on our wedding day, I certainly didn’t notice! I would have to say that the best part about working with Esther is that she became my friend and just by watching her, I learned so much about family and love and that a job can be so much more than a just a job.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sneak Peek of Diana & Myong

Alright guys. This isn't my usual sneak peeks but I couldn't resist posting the details shots from Diana & Myong's wedding. We're still waiting for the images from Taek Photography but just thought these images would brighten up today's gloomy day! I'll post up all the details later once I receive the photos but enjoy these for now! :)

Here's our overall ceremony set up which was later turn into a modern, sophisticated ballroom.

I am officially adding 'styling' dessert bars for my 'elaborate' & 'exquisite' story clients! :)

All the desserts & custom cake were provided by Vanilla Bake Shop and they were SOOO yummy!!


We had two completely different looks with the kings & rounds and loved how intimate & cozy the ballroom turned out!

I'll be sure to list all the vendors who were involved with the wedding & some of the incidents that happened which weren't expected! Humble to know that not ALL our weddings can turn out absolutely flawless even if we do our best to control some of vendors' mishaps. I'll be sure to cover specifically about this post next time!