Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Diana & Myong Tie The Knot!

This year's weather has been funky (85 degrees in Dec?) but it sure felt like Christmas when I finally received the images from Diana & Myong's wedding. I know I posted a bunch of detail shots before but I'm SO thrilled to be sharing their day captured by Sari from Taek Photography.
To rewind the story a little bit, Diana & Myong met at church (I say, it was love at first sight! ;) and fell in love while worshiping & serving the Lord together. It's funny because I've personally known the pastor & his family since middle school and it was pretty amazing to hear that they first met at HIS church!
Diana had a clear vision. She's a woman's apparel designer and wanted everything classy, clean, sophisticated with a bit of glam. She personally designed all the invites & stationery and no detail was left behind. Did you notice the custom logo embroidered to the thai silk invitation box, letterpressed invite along with attached sworkski crystals? Yep, that's Diana.
D & M both wanted to express their love and gratitude for the Lord during the time of the wedding. It was apparent how much they wanted to magnify Christ through their relationship. Since many of their close friends are church members, about ten church members sang a special song during the ceremony & played live music during the reception and even led the program & games!
For this wedding, Diana designed most of the wedding elements herself while I helped her with planning & connecting her with the remaining vendors. Diana & Myong even custom ordered the manzanita silver cross wanting to symbolize their union in Christ and even carefully wrapped each Bible with a custom logo as favors. I'm telling you, I need to hire my brides! Their attention to details BLOWS me away!!

I am SO in LOVE with these two images I put together! woot! I should have learned Photoshop way earlier.. ;)

Diana decided to get ready at the Viceroy before heading to CDM and this hotel provides amazing backdrop for photos! BTW, I'm super duper excited to be working at the Viceroy for a real wedding next year!

Oh, Hello Gorgeous..

This image of Myong belongs to a Korean GQ magazine. ;)

I LOVE working at CDM and this hotel provides such a classy, elegant affair. I have another CDM wedding next month and Michael should just let me move in. ;)

LOVE the next three images.... They're so in love & happy!

*swoon* we carefully placed each gardenia on the menu card and smelled SO good!

I heart these two images!

This wedding was a true labor of love, especially for the church band members who set up all the instruments & equipments and we're just so thankful and honored to be a part of their wedding. We had a bit of difficulty with the program since the food was delayed 40 min. than what was regularly scheduled (and yes, we are still in the talks w/ the CDM manager) but seeing these photos makes me go back to reflect all that happened on their special, blessed day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Milk Glass with Hey Gorgeous

Hello, My Bride Story fans! My name is Rhiannon and I am the gal behind the blog Hey Gorgeous. I've recently ventured into the incredible world of wedding styling and planning and am so glad I have been able to correspond with one of my biggest inspirations, Esther. Her blog and business are a constant source of motivation for me and I am entirely grateful for her advice and guidance.
Esther has asked me to provide a little how-to on a DIY craft I featured on my blog this summer. Using some old vases and cups, I recreated vintage milk glass pieces that I then clustered together to create a lovely centerpiece to adorn any space in your home or at your next event. The steps were easy, the supplies were cheap and the outcome was beautiful. I hope you find as much inspiration as I did with this fun little project.

{Step 1} Find various types, shapes and sizes of vases and glasses. I used a Re-usit Center by my home, but the Dollar Store, the Goodwill and flea markets are great laces to look. Try to look for textured surfaces and unique shapes. Be sure to remove all price tags and dirt from the surface before spray painting.
{Step 2} Cover an outdoor space with newspaper to protect from the paint and space of your pieces on the paper. Using flat white Krylon spray paint, begin to spray each piece making sure to keep an even stream of paint as your move up and down each vase.
{Step 3} Let the vases completely dry before spraying the edges of the vase bases, and let the pieces dry overnight before filling with water and adding in your favorite flowers. I didn't have any problems with the paint peeling away from the glass, but for extra protection you could add a sealer over top of the white paint to keep the colour from wearing off.
To read more about this project, click here!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Kind of Note

The Gingko shaped post its are so darling! Find them HERE
They also sell these on Etsy !! Eeek!

How about these leaf shaped post its? *swoon* my office would be a lot more organized if I had these post its. ;) sure..

These post its can be used as a sign in/guest book tree, no? :)