Friday, January 6, 2012

Anna & Frank Tie The Knot!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season with family & friends!
I'm so excited to start off the new year with Anna & Frank's wedding images captured by He & She Photo.  They were a dream to work with and so thankful for Anna's generosity, kindness, thoughtful heart as we developed our friendship throughout the planning process.  Anna was one of my hardcore DIY brides and she managed to make 300+ paper flowers, handmade all of her stationery designs; including 5-8 page story book wedding invites and even built a custom chalkboard/escort card display from scratch! The wedding ceremony and reception took place at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with Patina Group by our side (yum!) while our staff managed over 310+ guests. It was a big celebration but glad to say everything went well without a hitch.  Here are some lovely photos captured by He & She Photo. Enjoy!
Absolutely love these two images of Anna. Looking back these photos makes me miss her so much!
Flower Allie did it again by creating the most beautiful white fluffy bridal bouquet! It matched Anna's dress perfectly!
I put these two images together because the BM bouquets and Anna's BHLDN shoes were almost identical! Allison
should be proud for making these gorgeous bouquets because she didn't even see the shoes Anna was wearing! ;)  
A huge props to the bridal party for making this wedding so memorable and fun!

Since we had over 300+ guests, I didn't want to stick with all floral arrangements for every table. Plus we were on a tight budget for decor so I came up with an idea of adding Anna's delicate flowers onto clear vases with a help of super hot glue.  Who knew these paper flowers can look so classy and elegant, not to mention budget-friendly? ;) A typical ballroom setting doesn't necessarily mean go all out on flowers and linens. This wedding is a perfect example of keeping things simple and clean.
We even had a silhouette artist come to keep the guests entertained!

I think almost 50+ paper flowers were pinned in to their bridal party backdrop. It wasn't easy transporting 300+ flowers,
these babies were carefully stored in my SUV & Anna's dad's moving truck the night before the wedding!
Hopefully these images will make you want to have crafting sessions with your bridesmaids. :) It was a true labor of love but watching these two love birds fully enjoy the day, not caring about anything else was a pure joy on my end.  Here's a glimpse of their special day captured by Cloud 9 Cinematography.

Anna + Frank from Jason Kim on Vimeo.