Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Jennifer Skog Photography

You know how much I'm into photography. When it comes to choosing vendors, I am very selective with florist, rentals, and most importantly, photographers. There are so many great photographers out there and there's no way I can get to know them all, but I can tell you right off the bat top 10 photographers I love... Email me if you're interested in finding out who is under Esther's black list. :)
Jennifer Skog, based in Northern California is a true artist. You gotta visit her BLOG to see her latest work! She just launched a new site for brides who are interested in boudoir sessions.

P.S I also have some important announcements to share with you about the upcoming year so please check back soon for more details!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Organic & Natural Wedding

I'm currently in love with natural, antique, rustic outdoor weddings. If you're dreaming about having one of these weddings, I would love to dream with you! :)

Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings does a fabulous job styling such a wedding and really helps her couples make the wedding of their own. You gotta check out her blog to see more of her real weddings. Very inspirational yet down to earth..

Photo Credit: Leigh Miller

Photo Credit: Jose Villa
I absolutely love love this look! Kelle & Nick's wedding was featured at Wedding Chicks, photographed by fabulous Laura Bruen

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Largest Asian Bridal Show (Nov. 16th)

Katie Lee of Bella Destinee who is the main coordinator for this event have asked me for some extra help in planning this event and I'm incredibly honored to join her team to help her coordinate. I'm currently in charge of putting together different types of cultural ceremonies before the fashion show. It's going to be an awesome event and I can't wait to see everything come together!! You don't want to miss this opportunity so please please spread the news and let's celebrate our heritage & meet your local vendors. I promise you there will be tons of food, drinks, entertainment & great resources for you to take home and not to mention designers gowns for fraction of the price.
"The event is sponsored and promoted by Harry Winston, Wildflower Linen, Omega watch, Junko Yoshioka Haute couture, Sephora, Sue Wong, Mika Inatome Couture, Martell Cognac, Amaya Bridal of Beverly Hills, Leading Hotels of the world, Korea Daily, Wedding Wire, China Daily, Gonpachi Sushi, Elixir Tonic & Teas,, Wedding Solutions, FIDM, JBC Radio, DHC Cosmetics, Manille Bakery, Miss Asia USA, DSC Laser Center, Ra Beauty Core, H2O Cosmetics and more.

It will be our honor to have over 1000 Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and other Asian Brides to experience and interact with over 70 top wedding experts. Watch a phenomenal fashion show like no others featuring Couture dresses, bridesmaids dresses and traditional Asian Ceremonial costumes. See the latest trends that are new in the wedding industry. Taste the gourmet wedding cake and sushi, sip and relax with tea tasting, endless sweet treats, enjoy the champagne and complimentary cocktail, view the latest floral designs and buy sample designer gowns for fraction of the price. Fall in love with a live jazz music and variety entertainments. Participate in ultimate wedding cake dive and raffle drawing for luxury prizes. The most sought after wedding professionals will assist you with questions, planning, and suggestions. The $20 ticket includes a complimentary cocktail and parking."
Sunday November 16th, 2008 @ Hilton San Gabriel Ballroom (10am-5pm)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hyun Ju & Frank tie the knot

Hyun Ju and Frank's wedding was one that was especially near and dear to my heart. The planning process was one that was so special to me- from the moment I received Hyun Ju's phone call back in March to the end of the wedding night hugging her goodbye. I felt incredibly honored to have their trust in my work and feel so grateful to call these two friends. Today, I received an email from wonderful Jenny Park and I am so thrilled to share these dreamy photos with you. I have also decided to write down some of my thoughts in Korean because I know she will be reading this post. :)

드디어 기다리고 기다리던 현주씨의 결혼식을 마치고 집에 들어오는데 시원 섭섭했다… 시원함= 드디어 끝나서.. 섭섭함= 결혼식이 끝나서.
6개월동안 같이 지내면서 참 내가 많이 배운 커풀중에 하나다.. 정말 꼼꼼하면서도 어쩜..사람의 마음을 그리 잘 읽고 배려를 하시는지… 사실 현주씨는 나랑 나이차이가 거이 7년이넘는다..ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 하도 젊게 꾸미고 다니시고 항상 밝은 미소를 가지고 계셔서 별로 차이는 안나 보이지만 역시 삶의 지혜와 나이에서 풍겨오는 그 성숙함은 정말 나를 도전시키게 만드는 것 같다..

나도 과연 10년후에 겸손하면서도 지혜로운 여자가 되어 있을지..참.. 그동안 많은 신부들과 사람들을 접하면서 어떨땐 wedding planner 로써의 일보다는 더 열심히 노력하고 개발 해야 할것이 인간관계가 아닌가 생각해 본다. 비지니스 이면서도 아주 오래동안 신부들과 함께 일해야 하니 정이 안들래야 안 들 수 없다.. 그 안에서 내가 또 실수하며 배운 것들, 앞으로는 하지 말아야 할 것들, 그리고 어떠한 자세로 내가 계속 이 일을 해야하는지 이 일을 통해 배우게 되었고 앞으로 놓치 말아야 할 숙제다… 더욱 더 이 일로 성공하고 싶은 조급한 마음도 있지만 이 안에서 얻은 관계들과 지금 나의 위치에서 감사하며 사는것이 앞으로 한 엄마로써, 아내로써, career woman으로써 가질 마음자세인거 같다.

이런 생각들을 또다시 하게 만들어준 현주씨에게 넘 감사하며 두분 행복하게 사세요~~ 이번 결혼식은 오히려 제가 얻은것이 많네요… 힘들었지만 보람있고 이 일을 더 가치있게 만들어 주신 현주씨와 Frank씨.. 사랑해요! 요번에 특별히 너무너무 수고하신 (꽃 자체가 감동 이었음) Unique Sarah 씨와 그리고 정말수고 많으신 event plus staff 들에게 다시한번 넘 넘 감사!! 그 밖에 다들 수고하신 dream vendor team!! You were truly awesome to work with!

Downtown shots before arriving to Los Coyotes

I loved loved the bamboo floral arch! Just the way we had imagined...

Instead of using the white aisle runner, we decided to go with white rocks & orange marigolds to create a natural setting.

By the time the ceremony ended, the weather was just perfect!

Cocktail arrangements Leena & I worked on. Click here for step by step instrutions!

over 100 chopsticks she individually wrapped...

Amazing floral design by Unique Sarah
All photos courtesy of Jenny Park
Come back soon for more detailed photos from their wedding & more fall weddings...