Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vendor Spotlight: Twigs & Honey by Myra Callan

Myra Callan from Twigs & Honey has been a HOT sensation ever since she opened up her shop on Etsy back in 2007 and getting bigger by the second! She has such amazing talent and she never cease to amaze me with each hair piece. Check out Myra's Twigs & Honey and her blog to see her latest products. Prices range typically from $40-$70 (though it really depends on the complexity of the design desired)

This is Myra on her wedding day.. Isn't she beautiful?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why You Need a Great Photographer...

If you had to sit down with your fiancé to talk about your wedding budget, I would definitely convince him/her to invest a good amount of the wedding budget on photography. Even if your budget is tight, I would still consider hiring not just a good photographer, but a GREAT photographer, and cut down your budget on other things as necessary. Renowned photographers' rates range between $6K all the way to $12K depending on their packages, albums, e-session and so forth.

My friend Christian, who is currently a campus missionary in Korea, recently got married to his beautiful wife Erin. Christian and I met each other 6 years ago, while undergoing the 6th GCTC training together through Korean Campus Crusade for Christ. Although we used to goof around and make fun of each other all the time back then, I am so proud of and challenged by his dedication to live his life for Christ. I was unable to attend the wedding ceremony because it was held in Korea, but I could not be happier for the couple as they begin a new chapter in life together.

Christian and Erin decided to fly out Scott Robert as the photographer for their wedding, and I am so excited to be able to share the stunning pictures with my readers! For those of you who are not familiar with Scott Robert's work, he is phenomenal! He is one of the leading photographers in the U.S and I've joined the rest of the crowd in stalking his blog! Haha~

The couple shot their engagement session at one of the royal palaces in Korea called KyungBok Palace, and as you can see, there's huge difference in what a great photographer can do with his skills! I have no idea how he processed his images, but if I did, I would definitely venture into photography myself. I envy all you computer savvy people out there!!

This picture was taken professionally click here for a photo credit.

This is the same spot, but look at the difference! This image is totally magazine worthy!

I love this shot of Christian and Erin!

Take a look at their e-session photos taken at other locations in Korea.

Scott Robert, if you're reading this, I bow to thee....

Congrats to the lovely couple Christian & Erin, and thank you for letting me share your beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see your wedding photos from the day of!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yuni & Scott Tie the Knot!!!

After waiting patiently for nearly 3 months, Yuni & Scott's pictures are out today!! Here's a sneak peek of the pictures, and I'll be posting some of the shots of the details once John & Joseph Photography sends me some more files. It was a small & private wedding but many of the guests flew all the way from Korea, Washington, and So. Cal to attend this ceremony. This day would not have been possible without the help of their dearest friends & vendors who worked hard to make this day so special.

We literally planned the wedding in 7 weeks and when I think back, whewww... I don't know if I can do that again! :D But thank you Yuni & Scott for allowing me to be a part of your day & I wish you both all the best! Take a look at some of the amazing shots John captured in spite of the HOT weather (Can you imagine me running around for 12 hours during 110 degrees in Napa?? We normally run through the rehearsal twice but we had to finish in 30 minutes because all of us were sweating like crazy)

Doesn't she look stunning??

Scott looking all serious....

Can you spot me in the brown dress next to the sign in table? I'm way in the back and my face is cut off...

Check out her fusion hanbok!

Ceremony & Reception:
V'Sattui Winery
Getting ready photos: Harvest Inn
Catering: Patrick David's
Florist: Blossom
Katrina Rozelle
Photographer: John & Joseph Photography
Special Linens & Rentals: Napa Linens & Classic Party Rentals
Hair & Make up: Jessica, make up artist & Lucy, hair stylist
Wedding Band:
Jazz A Holics
Wedding MC: Shane from Event Plus

P.S. Special thanks to Leena, my beloved assistant who got blisters and could barely walk for a week after the wedding... :) We literally came home at midnight and as soon as we got home, we ate some corn dogs & ice cream and dipped our feet in hot water! haha... As you can see, a life of a wedding planner is not always as glamorous as people may think.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

After your wedding....

After opening this blog, I've been getting some interesting emails & phone calls from all over the States...One of the readers emailed me today asking if I can post more entries in Korean. I actually prefer writing in Korean but I have such difficulty typing in Korean that thinking about it gives me a headache! But I will definitely post some more once in a while for my Korean readers out there. With this in mind, I am going to write an entry about what needs to be done after the wedding and a proper etiquette you shouldn't forget.
결혼식을 마친 후에..
결혼식 이라는 전쟁(?) 을 마친 후엔 드디어 재미있는 신혼여행을 떠나지만 여행 후 막상 현실로 다시 돌아오면 정말 해야될 것이 아직까지 산더미로 있을 것이다... 집 청소 부터 결혼식 선물들 정리하며 아직도 계속 마련 해야 하는 가구들...성도 바꿔야 하고..아이고.. 한 두가지가 아니다... 그래도 그 순간만큼은 행복하고 아직은 내가 결혼 했다는게 실감이 안 날것이다.

충분히 바쁘고 하지만 한가지 꼭 잊지 않고 신부가 챙겨야 할것은 그래도 결혼식에 참석해 자리를 빛내준 친구들과 하객분들께 thank you card를 보내는 것이다. 뭐 이런것까지 말하면 좀 그렇지만 요즘 gas값도 만만치 않고 부조금에서 부터 bridal shower gift 까지 챙겨야지. 축하해주는 마음으로 오시지만, 그래도 하객분들도 이래저래 깨지는게 많다... thank you card 보내는거 쉽게 들리지만 막상 생각해 보면 이것도 또 하나의 일이다... 아주 중요한 일!
하지만 사소한 일이기때문에 많은신부들이 까먹거나 시간을 놓칠 수 있지만 오히려 사소한 것에 소홀히 할 수있다. 보낼 때 하객들 (혹 내가 모르는 어르신분들이 오셨어도)과 또한 꼭 vendor 들에게도 보내야 하는게 기본이라 생각한다... 이분 들이 없이는 결혼식이 possible하지 않았기때문에. 언제 한번 꽃집 사장님과 통하하면서 그분이 이런 표현을 하셨다. 결혼식 마치고 신부, 신랑한테 전화 한통 없으면 섭섭하다고... 정말 그렇다.. 이런 business 도 다 customer care인데 고객의 소리를 듣고 싶어하실 것이다. 서비스가 막상 맘에 들지 안았을 경우에는 전화나 email로 꼭 말씀 해드리고 그 부분에서 어떤 것들이 맘에 안들었는지 말할 자격도 있고 또한 그 vendor 들의 발전을 위해서도 말씀 드리는 것이 옳다고 본다..

그럼 thank you card 는 언제 보낼까요? 빨리 끝내버릴수록 더 속이 시원할 것이다... 한달 안에! 그렇지 않으면 그냥 시간이 흘러 가버리기 때문에.. 자 우리 그럼 센스있는 신부, 남을 배려해주고 감사의 표현을 잘하는 신부로 마지막까지 화이팅!!!

P.S Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I promise I have plenty of weddings to post so stay tuned... I will be finally receiving all the wedding photos this month.