Monday, May 30, 2011

Umm.. Is Esther still alive?

So, I bet you are wondering where I've been these days. I can't believe its been about two months since my last post! Yikes! Well, wedding season is in full swing and we've been extremely busy since the beginning of the wedding season. Very grateful but we definitely have a ton of work to do, finalizing details and such.
A whole bunch has happened since my last post. But here are a couple quick updates before I really forget that I have a blog and lose all my loyal readers. ;)
1) My in laws are visiting from Korea for 6 months. yes, for 6 MONTHS! We have nothing in common except to talk about Grant during our conversations but it's all good.  I'm now really good at whipping up a quick meal for all of us and pretend to act like I really enjoy their company. (Hope my MIL is not reading this!lol) But I still respect them for who they are and very grateful for their sacrifice, love and faith.

2) I'm sure all of you have read about my journey of getting back to my old self. and as of today, I finally lost a little over 25 lbs since Jan. 3rd! I won't lie. It took a lot of self control, discipline, investment to build a healthy lifestyle, but it totally paid off. Thanks to WW, bootcamp, Jillian's DVD workout, cooking blogs and my dear husband who watches Grant while I go for a jog at night.  I'll share about ALL the nitty gritty details of what worked and how I did it so be on the look out for my very personal & special post! I promise, I'll post a before & after pic. Hopefully, it'll be inspiring enough to change your eating habit and I hope to be reminded everyday to maintain & live this kind of lifestyle. *crossing fingers*

3) we now have 3 associate coordinators, they have been handling most of month-of coordinations and so far, it has worked out great! I'm extremely grateful for these ladies and glad that they still don't hate me. :) The best business move I made was to hire my coordinators and I couldn't be thankful for all their encouragements and support.

I bet you are wondering, will I ever see MBS clients' beautiful wedding photos & the details we designed? of course.. but please be patient as I'm going through the images & selecting which weddings to share. I might be blogging away two posts in one day, maybe! or you might see them in the blog world. 

see you all very soon!