Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Noah turns ONE!

I know it's almost April, but this is my first post of the year so I'm still going to say it…, '”Happy New Year, Everyone!!!”

In between the diaper changes, emails, meetings with clients and vendors for this year, I almost forgot that I had a blog!  I was kind of scared to go back to it because I had been avoiding it for so long! ;)  BUT I'm finally on Instagram so if you want to follow our recent work, please look for me @ EstherKim_Mybridestory. 

I'm so sad that he's growing up too fast but there's so much deep appreciation and gratitude as I write this. Our little guy, Noah, turned one last weekend! CRAZY, right?!  Noah was born March 23, 2012 and he has completely changed my perspective about life, motherhood, and priorities so much more than when my first son, Grant, was born. This little guy has taught me, as a mother, to enjoy, enjoyenjoy cuddling with him and watching him grow, something that I felt like I missed with my 1st son; I was always so worried and caught up with what I should be doing next.  

We thought instead of throwing a dohl, a first year birthday party, we thought it was better to wait till he can remember and join in on the fun.
I STILL get emails about my son's 'Curious Grant' birthday party (I still can't believe this was 3 years ago!) But this time around, we wanted to sponsor 3 kids who share the same birth date as our son. With that in mind, we turned to World Vision. Contributing only $35 per a month, we are providing children in need with access to life saving basics like clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education, and more! It brings me great joy to know that a little donation can go a long way. I hope later on, our boys will remember that giving is way cooler and meaningful than receiving.

 Guess someone wasn't too happy about turning one! He didn't even want to eat the cake! LOL or maybe he wanted to have a real birthday party like his bro. ;) 
I know it's been a while since you heard from me but I promise I will be back on blogging from now on! ;) Have a great week everyone!