Monday, July 23, 2012

Who doesn't love candles? (Sneak Peek)

I know candles are so overdone but adding candles can create such a dramatic statement to the ceremony and reception decor. So forget clusters of pew flowers, bows or ribbons down the aisle. Going with something simple like this is more sophisticated than adding too much flowers to fill up the space. My partner in crime, Kristine Shin Designs placed 80+ candle pillars down the aisle and the result was pure perfection!

Our bride, Jennifer wanted a warm, inviting, romantic celebration for the guests and I'm so pleased to say that guests were amazed as soon as they walked in.

Friday, July 13, 2012

the KIM FAMILY 2012

Oh boy.. where do I start.
So much has happened to our family since my last post. Just to give a quick summary of our updates..

1) My husband got a new job in Feb 2) I gave birth in March 3) We moved to Pasadena end of May (thankfully, we found a house walking distance from hubby's work & Grant's new preschool but packing was no fun) 4) The in-laws came from Korea for one month to help us settle into our new home and we celebrated Noah's 100th day last week! With all these changes, it's taking a bit of time for Grant to adjust to his new role as a brother (still learning!), new preschool and friends. He still gets upset that I'm nursing Noah all day and tends to be aggressive and gets into troubles at school/home but I'm really hoping that this will pass once he's completely adjusted to the new environment. We're also learning as parents to be more loving, patient and expressive while he's going through this stage.. It's an everyday battle! lol  Nonetheless, we are extremely grateful for all these exciting changes that has happened to our growing family.
Although I'm completely exhausted by end of the night, words can't describe how happy and thankful I am especially when I'm looking through my iPhone pictures of the boys. ;)
AndySeo Studio graciously gave us a family session last week so I hope these images will make up for my absence.  Here's to our growing family, 2012 edition.
Lil' Bro & Big Bro
Noah: Get me outta here! Grant: Muhahahhahaah

Don't let this cute face fool you.. he's a handful these days. Hopefully soon, he'll be able to play with Noah without hitting or biting him. ;)

Noah on the other hand, is an angel.. seriously, I can watch him ALL day long..He's such an easy baby and he even pulled out a 9 hr stretch last night!
I'm obsessed with this lil man... I seriously love the newborn stage. Why did I have such a hard time with Grant when he was a newborn? I wonder.. Either way, I'm gonna cherish this moment every bit..

Thanks so much Andy for making us look good and Huge thanks to Theresa Huang for her magic. So sad I had to wash off my face & tie my hair as soon as I came home.. boo~ 
 Balancing work and raising two boys is relatively getting better but blogging had to seat back for a while. Hope you all stick around for more updates & fun features very soon! Ok.. I lied. I'm not too sure when I'll be back on blogging again but if you want to follow our latest work, be sure to check us out on FB! Have a great weekend everyone!