Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saving Money on Wedding Cakes

Here are some cake inspirations that I found from junebug weddings. Did you know that fondant cakes can cost up to $5-15 dollars per slice? Easily they can cost up to $1000- 3000 dollars depending on their design. Kayla Lee gave me some good tips on how to save money on your wedding cake. If you have over 300 guests, just order the cake for 200 people and have the caterer cut it really thin. I know that Korean adults will probably leave before then... you know they how they just eat & run!

Another option is you can ask the baker to make the bottom tiers fake and top 2 tiers real. That way, the cake looks bigger and taller! Trust me, no one will know!

Introducing Kristine Shin's Cakes! Not only she can bake and cook, she also decorates and makes floral arrangements, she is a true Korean Martha Stewart! If you want her info, please let me know~


Anonymous said...

These look great! Can I have Kristine Shin's contact info? Thanks!

Esther said...

Kristine Shin's contact # 714 318 5325
You might want to email her first kris90@naver.com

tell her that esther sent you