Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trash the dress

Trash the dress - it's a photo shoot usually after your wedding somewhere at the beach or lake, mountains or even areas with urban decay. You don't necessarily need to destroy your dress but I personally think they come out so sexy when you're soaked in water and covered in mud with your huaband. Showing off a little bit of bare skin would be even sexier! You can basically do whatever you want to do with your dress. Roll around in the mud. Drench it in the ocean. Or go to a place where you normally wouldn't go. But I know that there are some brides out there that are afraid to sacrifice their dresses and I totally understand how you feel. After all those effort and money you put into shopping for the perfect dress, will it be worth it to trash your dress? Some brides literally have emotional attachments to their dresses. In this case, maybe you can buy a cheap, white party dress to roll in the ocean.
Whether you want your dress to be preserved or trash it, one thing I gotta say is it does produce amazing photos. After all, it's once in your life time. When will you ever do this again? Just on a side note, we barely take pictures anymore now that we're married.
Enjoy these gorgeous photos taken by Susan from En Point Photography ( I recently found about her work through one of my church members and OMG! she is one talented woman!!!!) Do check out her blog to see more amazing photos! I am definately recommending her to future brides out there.

Sol Tomargo, another great photographer took these shots and this bride looks like she's having so much fun!


Unknown said...

susan is the boss of my dong seng who's an assistant wedding photographer!

Esther said...

how funny... what a small world!