Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's inside of Esther's Emergency Kit??

As I'm swamped preparing for this weekend's & next week's weddings, I purchased a new emergency kit and I have no reservations in sharing what's in my box of tricks. If you're a bride, you probably won't need all of these items, so I listed them out separately. There's a difference between Bride's EK with wedding planner's EK and I promise you these items will come very handy.
Bridal EK essentials
Sewing Kit, including safety pins and small scissors
Clear nail polish (helpful for stocking runs)
Nail file
Blotting paper (Clean & Clear- blue one works best)
Brush and comb
Bobbypins and hair elastics
Hand lotion
Earring backs
Baby powder (also useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
Eye-drops (look for redness reducing)
Acid relief,Antacid, Mints,
Tampons and pads
Headache medicine

Cotton swabs and etc...
Esther's EK essentials Just in case if you're curious :D
including all those items listed above... I also carry
2 pair of scissors
2 lighters (absolutely needed for lighting candles)
Packaging tape, duck tape, double sided tape ( you name it, I need them all)
Glue gun , super glue, rubber cement
Wire clips, wire(different sizes), fishing wire ( to hang paper lanterns)
Push pins, staples, sharpies (different colors)
Straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick)
Tape measure
Extra cell phone charger( Yes!!)
Thank you cards for vendors' & extra envelopes for tips
Extra lables ( just in case if we need to change escort cards)

Lint Remover

By the way,I purchased mine at Target! :) Oh, how I love Target...
Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for a beautiful wedding in Napa this Sunday~


Anonymous said...

whoa, what a cool box, even batman would be jealous