Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cooking Korean Food

To tell you the truth, I've always thought I was a pretty good cook before I got married. But having to cook EVERYDAY for my husband was a total different story. Shameful to say, I barely got up in the morning to make him a good, hearty breakfast for him. Not that I don't like cooking or anything, but I sometimes find myself not being motivated enough to cook for him everyday. He always complains that he's married to a wedding planner not to a wife. Now that I finally moved down to LA, I decided to get my act together to cook a healthy, home-cooked meal, I needed some inspirational cooking blogs that will keep me motivated. I'm not 100% confident how long I can keep this up, but at least he'll know that I tried. :) It is so true how you speak love to a guy when you fill his stomach. Since my hubby loves Korean food although he doesn't like kimchi (I know.. how ironic) here are some great cooking blogs that you definitely need to check out!!! I don't know how these women can keep up with creating such delicious meals,but I must learn from the experts!

Ellen over at
Kitchen Wench is amazing!!!! All her dishes literally makes me speechless and I hardly doubt if I will ever try her receipes, but for all you newlyweds and brides-to-be, you must check out her blog NOW!! * You'll find all the Korean receipes in English and she has over hundreds of receipes that are jaw dropping!

Another great blog for everyday cooking is hammygommy (For Korean readers only) not only does she create wonderful everyday Korean food, she also bakes pastries, cheesecake, bread & makes ice cream from scratch. Oh my... my husband should not venture over into these blogs or he'll get some wrong ideas =P

all images from gommyhammy


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hi esther,


is a really good site also...she doesnt update as much anymore but the recipes are really yummy and the beautiful pictures will motivate you to cook even more :O)

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ooohhhh... thanks for your info