Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sylvia & Dongmin's E-session

I met with Sylvia and Dongmin last month at Cafe Pinot where they will tie the knot in April of next year. We instantly clicked and knew that we would be a great match. They both work as an architect and that's where they met each other one year ago. It was actually their one year anniversary when I met with them for the first time and I heard through Sylvia later that she got proposed THAT night!! They're one of the stylish couples I've met and it's gonna be one stylish & modern wedding with FULL of details! I can't wait... They're also having another wedding in Singapore for Sylvia's relatives & friends back home.
They recently had an engagement session with talented Jennifer S. Rau and when Sylvia sent me the link to her photos today, I literally gasped!!! They both came out sooo sexy and hot!!! They went over and above with their fabulous styled outfits and props and not to mention her sexy heels & hair pieces she purchased from Etsy. Huge thanks to Jennifer Rau who turned them into fierce models! :)

Now with the photos...
my fav #1 (there's something about this pose so sexy yet serene)
this is their dog, yogi.. isn't he so cute?
my fav #2
a cover shoot for America's Next Top Model.... :)
my fav #3
I love love love her little hair piece!!
This is the ROCK I didn't see when I first met with them :)
Do you see a little kid in Dongmin's face??? Is it just me or what...
my fav #4 ( I gotta say... I'm in love with this shot! her legs came out too gorgeous)
Stay tuned for more fabulous pictures from other clients!!


jyang said...

man, i love these pics! seriously, looking at your site makes me want to get married all over again. so much cute stuff these days!!!

jen said...

thanks for all the comments and thanks for posting these ester!