Friday, October 17, 2008

Wedding Timeline

Planning a good timeline on the day of your wedding makes a world of difference. Here's a generalized timeline of a traditional wedding schedule, but I'm sure you will need to revise it depending on the location & type of wedding you're having. Now days, there's no "right or wrong way" to put your wedding together. If you want garter toss or skip the whole thing, it's up to you, but just make sure your photographer captures all the important elements you have planned. Whatever you do, enjoy your day, don’t let the little things upset you. It’s a little late at this point to worry about things not being perfect, so just go with the flow and have fun!!

Traditional Wedding Schedule with a 5:00 pm Ceremony
* Hair & Make up can be done as early as 10am
12:30 Photo/Video Arrive
Bridesmaids to be ready for photos & take getting ready shots
1:00 Bride to step into dress
*TIP* Get a nice hanger for your dress. Have shoes, rings (clean please), and bouquet ready for photos.
1:30 Groom & Groomsmen getting ready shots
2:00 Staged Meeting/First Look (Continue photo session with the bridal party until 3:30pm)
*TIP* Arrange with your photographer where you would like to take photos with the bridal party before the ceremony.
3:30 Moving time
3:45 Arrive to church/ceremony site & take photos with immediate family members.
*TIP* Please tell all your family members to arrive by no later than 3:30pm so the photographer can be ready to take family pictures.
4:40 Relax with yours bridesmaids at the bridal lounge
*TIP* Make sure you drink plenty of water, eat some healthy snacks & go to the restroom :)
4:45 Start Ushering
5:00 Ceremony
5:40 Friends Portraits (you can skip this part if you want and take pictures with extended family)
*TIP* Inform family members, wedding party and friends to stay close after the ceremony.
5:40 Cocktail Hour
*TIP* Please allow moving time if your reception is at a different location. IMPORTANT: If 70% of your guests are Korean adults invited by your parents/parents-in-law, keep the cocktail hour to 30-40 minutes. We all know they hate waiting for food...^^
6:30 Grand Entrance
*TIP* Make sure you get all the line ups and bridal party names pronounced correctly from your DJ.
6:35 First Dance
6:45 Salads Plated and Speeches
*TIP* Serve salads BEFORE speeches. Speeches that run long make for wilting salads and put dinner behind schedule.
7:10 Entrées Served
*TIP* You may show slideshow/video presentation during dinner or play some games (talk to your DJ) towards end of dinner time.
7:45 Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances (optional)
8:30 Cake Cutting/Bouquet & Garter
8:45 Open dance (Get the actual party started!!)

*TIP* If you wish to have a pe-bek ceremony, you can do it during cocktail hour OR after reception. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for the bride and groom to get dressed and 20-30 minutes for the pe-bek ceremony. I prefer having it after the reception only because you don't have to get dressed again for the reception and it gets pretty tiring. Some parents want this ceremony to be private so discuss with your parents first.