Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Winter Favors"

Winter has come again so why not have a Winter themed wedding. Here are some ideas that I thought were very affordable and cute for a Winter wedding.

First of all what is considered cheap favors? The amount you spend on a favor can be limitless, but I 'd say anything under a 1.50 is pretty good. Also you can decorate around the centerpiece and that can be taken home as favors. Everyone might not get one, but it still looks nice.

1. Since it is the time of giving a donation to a charity instead of a wedding favor is a growing trend for winter weddings and your guests will be pleased to find a donation made in their name.

2. Bottle stoppers in different festive shapes would be great gift.

{photo from Ice Standard}
this one is 3.75 not very cheap, but really cute.

3. An ornament for the Christmas tree is a perfect favor for your guest to take home in remembrance of your wedding and they will always remember your wedding each year when they decorate their tree. Any kind of ornament will do.

I found a DIY at Martha Stewart of ornaments you can make yourself. This would make a great personal favor for your guests and how can they ever forget your union!

{photo from Martha Stewart}

4. A snowflake bookmark is an affordable gift that anyone can treasure forever.

{photo from Balloons-Galore}

5. Homemade sugar cookies that you decorate festively will warm everyone's hearts with your personal effort of baking something for them.

{photo from Martha Stewart}

6. Hot chocolate in tins with marshmallows or nicely wrapped in a plastic bag with ribbon. I just saw these premade ones at Costco and I can't find a picture now, but I will try to post a picture of it later.

{photo from Martha Stewart}

7. Snowflake bath confetti would be a nice way for your guest to remember you while taking a nice warm bath in the winter.

8. A nutcracker with nuts whichever nut you prefer.

9. A snow globe with a couple or a bride and groom inside would be expensive but very cute and a great favor that would remind your guests of your union

{photo from Martin Munoz)

10. A lantern candleholder can add a little flare to your decor. It's a little expensive for my taste however this was one of the cheapest ones I found.

{photo from Best-Decor}

{photo from SuperWeddings}