Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Shower

Last weekend was my baby shower at the T-room in Montrose and I wanted to share some pictures with you. I am incredibly blessed to have my family and friends around me to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Grant. I get really emotional these days and I was tearing up while sharing some of the prayer requests, but I had such a great time at the party and more importantly, I felt so loved and encouraged just by their presence. Thank you ladies for taking the time out of your busy lives to help welcome our little boy into the world, especially huge thanks to Chloe & Katie for co-hosting my shower. Hopefully I can visit them personally before I give birth.

** BTW, I was totally in LOVE with my invitations! I bought these at
Paper Style (total of 20 invites for $30 dollars including shipping& handling) and I just added some green crystals from Michaels.

This place had such a cute setting that it didn't need much decorations, but huge thanks to chloe & katie for decorating this place so beautifully! It's a perfect place to throw bridal & baby showers, tea parties, and birthday parties. And they graciously allowed us to use the outdoor patio all to ourselves! My only complaint was the price, but since we had a good time, I can't complain!

Favor boxes, diaper cake, name cards, table numbers! how fun!

the scones were fresh out of the oven and the sandwiches were actually quite good!

We also hung some baby clothes!

Katie surprised me with this cute green tea fruit cake from Tous Les Jours.
group pix (mommies with kids, pregnant ladies & single ladies)
My niece, Joanne wrote the sweetest letter for baby Grant
and it reads;
"Dear Cousin Grant,
I cannot wait to see your face,
I know it will be a cute little boy.
Please don't hurt Auntie Esther 이모 too much when you come out~

I will still love you, don't worry!
I will see you when you come out.
Love, Joanne"
I'm totally going to frame this letter and show it to Grant when he grows up. :)

P.S Once again, thank you friends for all your love, support, blessings & thoughtful gifts! Most of all, thank you for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Congrats once again on your upcoming baby!