Thursday, January 22, 2009

DIY Project- Paper Mobile

Heather from Frazier & Wing's does amazing things with paper. I love these pieces from her white paper mobile collection and her one of a kind pieces are also very gorgeous. You can hang them over the cake table at the wedding reception and later hang them in the house as a beautiful reminder of the wedding. I'm so thinking about making this paper mobile to hang it over the crib. What do you think? too girly for my son? kekekkeke I don't care, I'm still gonna make it before he arrives!

Now.. these are way too girly, but I LOVE it!! Butterfly Chandelier from Potterybarn Kids Collection


lizzil said...

Did you end up making one of these mobiles? Thank you for posting these wonderful ideas. They are inspiring!

MomMom said...

I want to make one of these and I have an idea of how to do everything, except...I can't figure out what they hang from? The first pic you posted says they hang from an acrylic disc. Where would I find one of those? What are some other options?