Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bridesmaids' dresses that don't match?

Here is a new idea: Bridesmaids that do not look the same!

{Image from Polka Dot Bride; Photo by Josh McCullock}

If you aren't comfortable with your bridesmaids looking so different you can give them a guideline that will help them to pick similar clothes.

Focus on the details of what your Bridesmaid(s) is/are going to wear

Color of Dress:
- You can give each bridesmaid a sample of the color and guidelines that are more detailed for example clothes that are "light pink," "have the colors pink and brown in it," or "it can look like anything as long as it has a Big flower somewhere on the dress."
- You can give them a brand of clothing that makes different dresses with the same fabric and color.

{Image from Snippet & Ink}

{Photo taken by Keli Nicole}

Length of Dress: Does it matter how long the dress is? Do you want it knee length or longer/shorter?

{Image from Brooklyn Bride, Photo taken by Jennifer Causey}

Shoes: Does it matter what color their shoes are? If it is a heel or not? close toed or not?
{Image from Brooklyn Bride, Photo taken by Jennifer Causey}

Jewelry: You may be giving them jewelry to wear and as a present, but if not, do you want them to wear jewelry? If you don't tell them not to, if you do does it matter what kind of jewelry.

{Image from That Bride photo taken by Keli Nicole}

Having bridesmaids that don't dress the same may look totally off, but the look of the group can be brought together by simple things like the bouquet, hair style, and other same accessories.

{Photo by Josh McCullock}

Fabric of Dress: The venue of your wedding might look better with different sort of fabric. For example if it's sunny and outdoors you may want your bridesmaids to wear something light and cute that's cotton. If it's inside and the ambiance is fit for a ball then you can ask them to choose dresses that are silk and more evening gown-like.
{Image from Polka Dot Bride}

{Image from Reel Movie News}

The Bottom Line: Tell your bridesmaids exactly what it is you want~ If you don't care about the details then tell them that~

Here is a little video about what Bridesmaids are all about~