Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preferred Vendor List

You wouldn't choose your venue ONLY because you saw it in your favorite magazine, so don't take this path with any other part of your plans. You'd consider the costs, the location, the menus available, the atmosphere, the contract terms, what you get for your dollar, etc
The good thing is that you can trust that preferred vendors are well versed on the property. Most of the time (please note that I did not say always), its okay to trust that the professionals on venue lists are quality, dependable wedding vendors. But this is not always the case, and there's much more to consider than this.

A few things to keep in mind when you start your vendor planning:
1. Realize that some venues charge vendors to be on their venue list or pay a commission every time they work there.
2. Realize that there may be many other reputable high quality vendors that are better for your event, better suited for your personality, offer better services/products.
3. Invest the time to compare. Get samples of each professionals work that applies to what you are asking for, and compare to other professionals.
4. Don't rule out vendor lists, but don't make them your play book either.
5. Get referrals from everyone, other vendors and previous brides (recent brides, married in the last 16 weeks).
6. Check out wedding planners blogs. Wedding planners are notorious for only highlighting good professionals because these are vendors who are good to their clients.
7. Remember that price is not everything and that great marketing is just that- great marketing (look deeper).
8. Look for experience and talent.