Saturday, April 11, 2009

Non-floral wedding centerpieces

I HATE roses.
When I started dating my husband, I told him straight out never to give me a bouquet of roses on any special occasions. Thank God he listens! :)
FYI, I used to work at a flower shop for two years while attending UCI and I dreaded stripping off rose thorns and taking out petals. It's hard labor when you work at a flower shop and to this day, I give major props to all the talented florists in the biz. Maybe because I was surrounded by fresh flowers almost everyday, I couldn't stand why people dry them and hang them as their wall decor. It is not pretty at all and they don't smell good period.
Anyway, working at the shop did spoil me a little, but having the background & knowledge about flowers help me to give an honest advice and insight to wedding planning. Did I also mention that my love for flowers changes every season? For a while, I was obsessed with hydrangea & peonies even until last year.. then it changed to ranunculus, tulips, phalaenopsis orchids to dahlia.. Now I love centerpieces that are non floral that give very organic and natural feel to it.
Have you ever incorporated your wedding with succulents?? I'm currently in love with these and I can't get enough of them! Succulents are fairly easy to keep alive so you can definitely DIY if you really wanted to.

floral design by

photo credit: Leigh Miller

Speaking of simple DIY centerpieces, I love how the bride and groom put together candles with
green moss.

photo credit: Leigh Miller

Gosh.. I have a bad habit of just saving pretty images when I find them online and I forget the next day where I found them. I definitely want to give a proper photo credit, so let me know which photographer took these lovely photos.

Have a great week everyone! I now leave you with a picture of Grant at 7 weeks. :) After a long
day of non stop eating, pooping & sleeping, he's taking a nice long bath... oh boy, this feels good~