Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Portraits

I love my in-laws. During the 3 weeks that they came to visit, things have been hectic and crazy but I've grown to love and respect my in-laws more than ever. I cannot rave enough about them. I hear all these horror stories of nagging mother-in-laws but I am so lucky to have a MIL who loves and supports and prays for us continually. One of their main reasons for coming was to help out with our new baby, Grant, and I was literally counting down the days of their arrival. At last, I get a HUGE break from motherhood!

As Grant turned 100 days old, they suggested that we should take some family portraits before they leave back to Korea. I knew they wanted to show Grant off to their friends & family back at home. :) Well.. Guess what made me not want to take the photos?!?! My WEIGHT! I know.. I should really embrace the new curvier side of me and exercise instead of complaining about it everyday but I'm still not used to the 20 pound heavier ME.. This is when my hubby plays a huge role. He showers me with affection and makes sure that I feel beautiful :) Despite of being self- conscious, I asked Taek to take our family portrait for us and he graciously accepted even amidst his every so busy schedule. Thank you so much, Taek! I got so hyped up about the photo shoot. I brought Grant's favorite toys; his blankie, bumbo chair, 4 extra clothing I purchased from Janie & Jack, but the session turned into a crying session just 30 minutes into the shooting. I felt bad that I was pushing my baby boy to take some more shots while he was crying his lungs out. Tired & drained, Taek and I agreed to call off the session and I came home feeling a bit disappointed that the session did not go as I had imagined. What was I expecting out of a baby boy who just turned 3 1/2 months? But back in my head, I was thinking, "Gosh...I didn't get to use all the props I brought!" I know... I'm just lame like that sometimes.

Couple days later, I received a CD from Taek and I immediately opened the files. Not only did the pictures come out amazing and so precious, even his crying poses came out so darn cute!!!
I couldn't be happier with the shots and my-in-laws loved, loved all the photos that they asked us to enlarge pretty much all the them. :) Taek, you know I'm your huge fan, but thank you so much for giving us so many good laughters & memories. I know my-in-laws have looked through these photos more than 100 times already. LOL
Here's what I learned: Not to set any standards or expectations on my little guy. (I'm sure I'll be tempted even more so as he grows) Rather, cherish the moments and cheer him on always.
Without further ado, enjoy these photos taken by Taek Photography (There are so many good shots, but I'm not gonna post all of them up or else, it will turn into a personal blog!)

Aren't they so cute together? Their humble, modest & gentle spirit truly inspires me to be a better wife/daughter-in-law

Awww... my poor husband who's losing more hair after the baby arrived. hahahaha! but I love this man so dearly....

Guess where we took these black & white photos? In the back of his car seat! We made sure to turn on the heater but he was going crazy when he got stripped naked! sorry Grant! but mommy loves how these photos turned out :)

Taek made him look so cute even when he's crying.. but trust me... it sometimes annoys the heck out of me when he's crying for no reason!


Jeanee said...

Hi Esther gsn! this is Jeanee! I've been reading your blog and I'm finally writing a comment. hehe.. btw, I love your blog!

and your baby looks so cute! I love the photos.

J ko said...

Dude, homeboy is so cute... he's gonna be a heart breaker when he grows up, and I'm not talking about Bobby GSN :). Your website is kewl, I just want to get married so I can use your services. Take care!

Jess said...

OMG! your baby is so adorable!!! and you look great!

Stephanie said...

Hello! This is Stephanie, Joanna unni's sis. :) I never knew you had your own wedding blog.....the adventure shall continue~~ :)

Your son is adorable...I would love to BABY SIT!!! hahahaha Take care.

Anonymous said...

this is hyo jeong. i just visited your website~ grant is so~~~ cute! looking at these pictures, i want to take Kaylee(hanuel)'s 100th day pictures.... hmm... let me talk to my husband ^^

grace chun said...

I love your blog & your family photos! This is making me want to have a baby now~