Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sharon & Jim tie the knot

Sharon and Jim were one of the coolest, ultra hip & unique couples I’ve met. If it wasn't for this job, I probably would have never started a conversation with them, because they look too cool for me. lol! I get quite shy around cool people! :) Sharon contacted me a couple of months before her wedding to help her coordinate the pae bek ceremony. This was part of an e-mail she sent me, while we were bouncing ideas off each other, “I think the main thing I want to emphasis for the ceremony is that Jim and I want to honor our parents. The western style wedding is more about “us” and us joining together. But I want to show our appreciation to our parents during the pae bek ceremony.” The ceremony was a hit and the couple was able to show their appreciation to their parents. It was a very memorable night, I remember coming home that day feeling giggly and warm about those two love birds. Sharon and Jim had a lot of creative and artistic ideas. Their wedding was a reflection of both of their personalities and sense of style. It was such an honor to witness one of the most original and unique weddings that I’ve ever seen! Now on to some of those images that I’ve been gushing about.

She's got to be the cutest flower girl EVER! I'm already itching for #2... hopefully a girl next time! :D

Jim is an Art Director and pro-rider for a BMX company! This explains why they have their own bike named after "the bauers" pretty tight,huh!

Sharon & Jim exiting the ceremony! I'm telling you this couple is just way too cool! :)

These three shots have to be my favorite ones!

Now on their way to Smogshoppe!
They had a vintage typewriter for the guests to sign in

Can you notice the"Bauer" on the bookshelf? :)
My creation
The flower girl was Sharon's older sister's daughter and she was standing next to the pae bek table the whole time during the ceremony! It was soooo cute!

wedding photo booth with custom cut outs
You gotta love the photo booth! Huge props to Jim & Jeff for setting these up!
My creation

My creation
Huge thanks to incredibly talented Walter Peringer for capturing their moments so beautifully. Hope everyone is having a great week during this crazy heat wave..


Bauer said...

Thank you Esther for your lovely comments. The one thing I have heard the most from our guests after the fact was how much they loved the Pae Bek ceremony. I never thought the whole party would respond to something like that, they way they did. Thank you so much!

Jim "one 1/2 of the New Bauers" Bauer