Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sneak Preview- NS & Jung

From the moment the bride and groom signed the contract with Marvimon two months ago I had to stepped up my “A” game. Full wedding design in two months!?!?

The past two months were like an adventure yet incredibly stressful managing all the other upcoming weddings while trying to design for this wedding. Most of the time was spent searching for props to fit the rustic, vintage (with a modern twist), and succulent inspired wedding. After countless visits to etsy sellers, craigslist, Home Goods, T.J Maxx, Pier One, etc. we packed up my car and headed to Marvimon. I was given the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favorite vendors (I will reveal them SOON), everything was so beautiful! This wedding can be described as labor of love, and now that it is over a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe a little easier. But seriously, September 5th was the BEST wedding I've had up to now. The night was flawless, simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

I received so many compliments throughout the night, however; I cannot take all the credit. OK.. I'll take a little ! :) I’ll post up the wedding detailed photos when I get the professional shots from the photographer, but I HAD to share these images that were taken by the talented, generous, and super creative florist, Kristine. She acted as my fairy God mother who saved my butt throughout the planning process. Not only her, but all the vendors KICKED ASS!! This wedding was worth pulling my hair out and spending countless hours of researching but it was totally worth it! Here is a sneak preview of some of the things we put together for the wedding. I promise to share more pictures once I get more images. There's gonna be tons of eye candy images!!!


This dessert bar alone deserves one full page of my blog entry. I'll share them with you later but a huge shout out to my favorite unni, Kayla for going all out! Thank you, Thank you!
My creation
Make sure to check back in few weeks!
Another exciting cultural wedding stored up for me in two weeks- Philippino, Japanese & Korean infused wedding! I know... I'm so lucky to be experiencing so many different cultural weddings that I LOVE it!


nancy {So Happi Together} said...

I LOVE the marvimon house!!! We totally considered it for our own wedding, but it was too small for our group. :( The details you created are so AWESOME (especially loving the succulents!) and I cannot wait for more!!

SK said...

Marvelous and beautiful decor!

Matt & Jin said...

wow! these are some great stuff you found, Esther! Great Job!!

jyang said...

seriously sooo beautiful! i love all the succulent detail! wedding planning must be so hard yet so fun too! it takes someone super organized to be one. i used to want to be one but i would not be able to do half the stuff you do!

connie M chung said...

hi esther! it was seriously awesome meeting you today! of all places, we meet at your church's softball game. :) but i had such a great time talking to you. and i would love to get together sometime soon! :) p.s. this wedding was awesome! i can't get over the details.