Friday, February 12, 2010

Confessions of an Engaged Chick: Venue Search

I mentioned before here that we were trying to find a venue for our wedding. We finally found one, but during our search, there were some things we found out to cut your wedding expenses, especially for brides on a budget!

1. Parks

An intimate ceremony at a hidden little park in New York
..[photos by Max Wanger via Glamour]..

Most parks cost about $30-$100 to rent out the space with a permit. If you're in Southern California where the weather is usually pretty nice (minus these few months with all the rain), it's definitely something to consider.
If you want to hold your reception at a park, it gets a little more complicated because you do have to keep in mind that you may have to request for Liquor Liability Insurance (if you decide to have alcohol at the reception) along with a Modified Special Event Permit and if you opt for a tent for the reception, that would be another additional cost (rentals for tents range anywhere from $300 - $5,000 depending on the size) in addition to a dance floor. Tables and chairs would also need to be rented, and all the costs might add up. Another con is that you might have people taking a peek at your ceremony/reception and if you're more of a private person, I wouldn't recommend this as a venue. But if you're up for a simple ceremony with no fuss and lots of pretty greens and free floral decorations, a park is a pretty neat venue to keep in mind!
- Example:
A beautiful wedding Caroline Tran shot of a couple's wedding at Griffith Park right here.
- And some tips:
To having a park wedding right here.

2. Backyard

A simple and sweet backyard reception
..[photos by Jill Thomas]..

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard big enough to fit the number of guests you hope will attend, then why not? Like the park, the rental costs may add up and you would have to cater your own food, but I found out that catering is much cheaper than on site dinners, because of the variety of options. You can even have an In-N-Out truck (about $5 a person) or the Kogi taco truck (less than $15 a person). The biggest concern would be the restroom, but apparently one restroom seems to be enough for 100 guests (surprisingly yes!). If you want an in depth review of having a backyard wedding, head over to a wonderful blog appropriately titled 'A Backyard Wedding' right here.

3. College Campus

The Athenaeum at Caltech in Pasadena
..[photos by Evoke Photography]..

Surprisingly, most colleges have huge discounts if you attended that school and decide to use one of their rooms or outdoor spaces. It might not have an array of florals or decorations, but depending on your college, the buildings could make for a pretty cool backdrop.

4. Church
A classic church in England
..[photos by Our Labor of Love]..

If you are affiliated with a church, then some only require that you pay the officiant fee and nothing else. If you've been attending that church for awhile, then it could be greatly meaningful. It also has the classic feel and churches usually have a cafeteria like area that you could hold your reception in along with a kitchen. A lot of churches have already had weddings done so you'd be all set to go!

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Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Tina said...

Is it just me, or is the font of your blog entries really small? I had to magnify the pages... Anyway, I love your blog, and how it reflects you. It is honest, straightforward, and very informative!