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Summer Bicycle Inspired Wedding

This year I’ve been working with many different properties and churches that only provide an open space. While there's so much homework & logistical matters that need to be done, I still prefer working with these venues because it gives me a chance to be more creative and flexible when doing the floor plan layout and hiring the best vendors for our couples.

I had no idea I'd receive such a great feedback on our before & after shot of church reception transformation, so I thought I would do another one for all of the readers out there. I hope you will be inspired and use your creative outlet to bring your vision and concept to life no matter WHERE you're getting married.

YH & YJ contacted me the moment they got engaged. They wanted to have a fun, outdoor, summer inspired wedding and wanted to incorporate bicycles into the wedding because they had their first kiss at Redondo Pier while riding their bikes- and you know what they're famous for! crabs & bicycle rides!

For the color scheme we decided to go with bright yellow, blush pink and lime green with a touch of light blue. We incorporated bicycles and different pinwheel elements here and there to create a casual, summer inspired wedding. This wedding was really unique and one of a kind and it definitely represented them; their fun, bubbly and outgoing personality. You would never be able to tell these two were outgoing and bubbly by their occupations- yes, the groom is a dentist and the bride is a nurse. ;)

Before I start explaining the set up and different details, I first have to give a big shout out to Courtney of Joyful Weddings, this wedding was originally inspired by her Anthropologie picnic bicycle inspired table design she did a while back.

We first started with a floor plan. The vision of this wedding started to build once a draft of the floor plan was done. Please excuse my humble drawing.. it's nothing professional.. As long as I can understand what I drew, that's enough ;)
st. mark's floor plan0001


3 by you.

Here are some of our staff from MBS and Luna Party rentals setting up the lighting and pinwheels. I made about 35 pinwheels the night before the wedding and I think I can make one in less than 30 seconds now! woohoo! Unfortunately the weather was not on our side. We had an extremely hard time setting up the napkins and glassware. Last minute I went out and bought some small tiles from Home Depot to insert inside each of the napkins so they didn’t blow away. Honest to God, it was so windy and HOT!!


4 by you.
5 by you.
We custom made yellow and white checkered runners, and used bright yellow napkins as accents for our rectangle tables; while at the round tables we used bright line green linens to contrast with our floral arrangement.
DONDAVID_004 by you.DONDAVID_005 by you.
DONDAVID_003 by you.DONDAVID_006 by you.
DONDAVID_030 by you.DONDAVID_026 by you.
DONDAVID_043 by you.DONDAVID_041 by you.
Kristine Shin was my fairy Godmother for the night. She executed all of our ideas- I LOVE collaborating with her for weddings.
DONDAVID_002 by you.
DONDAVID_087 by you.
DONDAVID_007 by you.
For the head table, Kristine hung flower balls and color coordinated the ribbons. They were so lucky to have coral peonies (they’ll be out of season soon) incorporated into the arrangements.
DONDAVID_076 by you.

DONDAVID_063 by you.
Kayla’s Kakes also came on board to create a one of a kind ice cream station. It was perfect for this summer wedding. Don’t you think the white fence backdrop was perfect? It was actually from my home and she had a handiman construct this backdrop just for this wedding. We also hand-picked our ice-cream scooper/high schooler (haha). He scooped each of the guests vanilla and strawberry ice-cream while the guests had 10 different toppings to choose from.

DONDAVID_023 by you.
mosaicf8e971d93e0a4ac0e399e94489539a63025d2322 by you.
DONDAVID_075 by you.
Don't you LOVE this adorable bicycle container for the plastic spoons? :)
DONDAVID_067 by you.DONDAVID_070 by you.

Now to the stationary, Posh Paperie. They did such an awesome job creating all the paper goods! The menu cards, wish tags, signage for the ice cream station, they were spot on and we couldn’t have been happier with the end results.

DONDAVID_029 by you.
DONDAVID_050 by you.

LOVE IS SWEET: Build your ice cream sundae with us!

DONDAVID_089 by you.

I am going to trademark this genius idea which came to me during our consultation. We placed a yellow bicycle filled with sunflowers and pinwheels and the guests wrote wishes on the wish tags and tied them on the bicycle. The signage said: ‘Built for Two: Please write your wishes for the couple's ride through their journey of life together.' They were supposed to ride the bike in for the grand entrance but because of the brides long dress, it wasn’t possible. Darn it! It would have been perfect for the entrance, no? :) Out staff blew over 100+ balloons and they were handed to each guest. The guest were asked to let go of the balloon just in time for their grand entrance. You should have seen the expressions on people's faces. We all felt like we were being kids again!!

This wedding was very special to my heart. The couple was one of the most generous, accommodating, fun couple that I’ve worked with! I know I’m going to lose credibility when I say I have the best clients because it seems like I always say it, but they really were the best couple.


DONDAVID_094 by you.
Hope today’s post was refreshing, inspiring and summer-y! Although it was so much work for our staff mainly due to the unexpected windy weather in June, we definitely had a lot of fun designing this wedding. I had so much fun getting to know YJ & YH, I can confidently say that they have adopted me into their family.
All Photos Courtesy of DonDavidStyle Photography

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Carter & Cook said...

WOW! Great work and adorable wedding!

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

Such a fun wedding! I wish I was a guest! :) Great job on all the details and beautifully captured in the photos! xoxo!!

Esther said...

thanks ladies! receiving a compliment from fab designers/planners like yourself means so much to me! :) let's rock this summer season! woohoo!

Bertha said...

This is AMAZING!! I love everything you did to the wedding, it looks like a fun summer wedding but yet still maintain it's wedding elegance. Great Job!