Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet our coordinators!

I have waited almost two years to write this special blog post. It's somewhat easy to find interns and assistants (I receive inquires from interns as often as I receive inquires from brides to be!), but it's not easy to entrust our clients' most special day to another individual completely, nor is it easy to train and develop one's talent. I'll be completely honest. When it comes to weddings, I'm a bit of a control freak, and it took me two years to finally figure out how to let go. I've had numerous girls assisting me but these two definitely stand out in their work ethics, attitude and passion. However, as I observed how they not only had interest in the industry, but also in growing MBS TOGETHER, I was inspired to grow together with them.

Christine & Leena have been working with me as my assistant for the past year and a half and now, they're fully ready to take on weddings of their own. As we move into the year of 2011, the two ladies are handling most of MBS' month-of coordinations (Simple Story), while I am focusing mainly on full planning services (Elaborate and Exquisite), with a few exceptions.
I am incredibly thankful that MBS is slowly transiting from a wedding design & coordination company of Me, Myself & Esther, to a team of three planners/coordinators who are ready to take on this wedding industry! They have already booked some amazing weddings next year and I'm SO excited for them!

There were two main reasons for my decision to welcome these exciting changes:
1) I realized that strictly coordinating an event did not meet my personal desire to exercise my creativity. I found that my work is best when I am given the opportunity to be personally involved in choosing vendors and developing ideas, and the end result is an amazing collaboration between the clients and myself. Bottom line, I like getting to know my couples on a deeper level. Really.

2) Now that Grant is a toddler and requires more attention & care (who knew playing with a toddler can be so exhausting?), I decided to only manage 18-20 weddings which excite, challenge and mo
ve me, and hope to still manage to have playdates with other moms & babies! ;) or who knows I might pop out another one next yr! lol

Christine and Leena are extremely talented and incredibly smart, and are very passionate about their work. Bottom line, they're lovely, down to earth ladies and I really hope that future clients of MBS will have a chance to work with them! After much careful planning and thought, I now fully endorse them in the year of 2011 as the new faces of MBS.

Please visit our website and check out their bio!


Bethany said...

congratulations! what a big step :)

North Carolina Wedding Planner - Priscilla Erwin said...

As a fellow control freak, I know how difficult it is to relinquish control. I applaud you for taking this leap and am confident this will only grow your business. Congratulations!

Esther said...

Thanks Bethany for being a faithful follower! ;)
@Priscilla, thanks so much for your encouragement! yes, it's hard to relinquish control but there's complete freedom & joy that comes from letting go! I'm sure our coordinators will do greater things than me!