Thursday, March 31, 2011

Closet Turned Reading Nook (For under $150)

Hope everyone's enjoying the beautiful SoCal weather! We have been in full swing since January but the photos will have to wait a bit since they're pending for possible features so sit tight as we reveal some of our gorgeous 2011 weddings!

To give you another personal update, our son, Grant turned two last month! Time surely flies and we couldn't be thankful that he's growing into such a sweet, lovable & happy camper! This year, instead of throwing Grant a birthday party (I'm sure I'll always come up with excuses to plan parties for him in the future), we decided to take on a mini project and renovated his nursery to a boy's room (Of course, on a tight budget).
 Again, I'll do a full blog post when I'm done with his room, but for now, I'll show you a before & after picture of Grant's empty closet, which was being used more like storage space. It has been transformed into a reading nook and you have NO idea how much he absolutely LOVES spending time in that corner!!!!  Total cost of renovating his closet: less than $150 dollars. I think my husband was surprised that I actually kept things under budget!
Here's the breakdown of the cost
Home Depot's sample paint for $3 dollars (didn't think it would actually cover the wall with the 8oz bottle)
Ikea TV shelf & red cushions- $80
Robot wall decal from Etsy- $25
Vintage truck wall decor from World Market- $12 each, $36 dollars total 
Total= $144 dollars 
I also displayed his current favorite books, hung Schylling ABC Nesting cubes (he no longer has interest in playing with them) on a string and used our old halogan lamp for night time reading.
 I was first inspired by this project here on Ohdeedoh but since I can't use any of the power tools or drills, I had to come up with simple, easy and practical ways for my son to feel like it's now a part of his room- filled with his favorite toys and books. 

A huge thanks to Apartment Therapy Ohdeeoh for featuring our son's reading nook yesterday! If you're a mom or expecting, make sure you bookmark their site


sally said...

Wow Esther! This is awesome!! LOVE!!

jenny said...

wow!!! i'm so impressed you made this adorable space all for under $150! it totally looks professionally done. =)

Wan said...

job well done super mom!

Heavenly Blooms said...

That is so cool!! And I loved Grant's party last year, so adorable.