Friday, September 16, 2011

Surprise! Baby #2 arriving in March!

That's right! We're expecting baby #2 in March and we couldn't be happier!! It was definitely unplanned but we're so thankful for God's perfect timing & His provisions for our family. I'm currently at 13-14 weeks and morning sickness was so bad this time around that I almost regretted getting pregnant. But these images are making up for all the nasty vomiting, nausea & headache for the past month and a half.  :)
Hope you enjoy these photos taken by our talented friend, Sam Lim. It was such a last minute decision to take family photos and soooo pleased with how they came out! Thanks Sam for gifting us with these precious images!!!
Yeap, Grant is extremely happy to be a big brother and he kisses my belly every morning! such a cutie!
My husband thinks I need to start contacting modeling agencies for Grant.. lol! I don't know how Sam was able to capture these shots on camera because Grant would NOT sit still! Sam had two other photographers to keep my son entertained and focused! :) 

I think he came out very much like me here ;P

And of course, my hubby has the most awkward smile whenever we're posing... :P I still love you so much, hun!
Leaving you with two of my favorite images.... xoxo, Esther 
Have a great weekend everyone!!


leeyooli said...

Congratulations, Esther! And you look great!


I remember that one post you wrote about losing weight......... AND YOU DID!! OMG looking good!! I would have never guessed you were pregnant!!

Tips please!! What did you do???

L O V E said...

What a beautiful family~! You look amazing, babe!!! i HEART!

sally said...

congrats esther!! love these pictures... you guys look awesome! how sweet of sam to gift you these fabulous pictures!!! and grant is such a cutie--

Esther said...

thanks guys!! i can't stop looking at these pictures!!! sooo in love with how they came out! :D my in laws are going to be extremely happy

Heavenly Blooms said...

Awww, so cute! Congratulations Esther on your little surprise miracle!! Jaclyne xo

Esther said...

thanks Jaclyne! :)