Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 5th year anniversary to us! (Out of Office)

Just a few updates before we head off to Korea tomorrow. Eeeek! We'll be there for two weeks to celebrate FIL's 60th birthday and I'll also be connecting with the Korean magazine {My Wedding} 's creative director & editors there for future projects. It's pretty exciting to venture out into Korea but I've always had a vision to do something bigger so hopefully this will lead to another great opportunity. Next week is also our 5th year wedding anniversary and we're off to Jeju Island, Korea to celebrate while Grant will be having a blast with grandparents in Seoul.   Personally so excited about this trip since I don't recall a last time we spent a weekend together.

We also found out the gender of baby #2 and as you can see in this picture, we're having another boy.....To be completely honest, I was pretty sad and emotional for a few days because I was secretly hoping for a girl this time around... Hopefully the third one will be a girl! ;)

The cutest cake & yummy macaroons were custom ordered through 'Merely Sweets' in Brea. It's a new (super cute) bakery that just opened and I'm already addicted to their macaroons!!! A must visit if you're in the area.
Last weekend, we successfully finished all our 2011 weddings and you have no idea how relieved and grateful I was. Here are some few shots I captured with my iPhone. We still have a handful of weddings we haven't blogged yet so I'll be sure to share with you once I return.
Seriously was in love with the girls' bouquets. ;)

I will have limited access to email so please email sally.mybridestory@gmail.com for immediate response. Otherwise, I will get back to you once I return.
Can't wait to devour all the food in Korea! Watch this intro video of Kimchi Chronicles if you haven't already. ;)