Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sneak peek of Elegant, Beach Inspired Wedding

Hello Readers!
While we're currently wrapping up 2012 weddings, 2013 is just around the corner and we are all so excited to be having such an eventful year ahead of us. I took some time off this year to focus on family & my new role as a mother of two boys but I'm excited/nervous/anxious to start being more available for next year. I must say, we've been quite privileged to be working with so many beautiful brides who put all their faith in the magic we create. 
Here's a very rare picture of me and the boys at the LA Zoo. 
Noah @ 7 months
Just a quick peek into my life at home, Noah is almost 7 months old and there have been some crazy, sleepless nights where my husband and I look at each other thinking.. What's going on with these boys?! You sure we want a 3rd one?! haha  Whenever Noah wakes up in the middle of the night, he screams bloody murder that eventually wakes all of us up, including Grant. Yeap, we have our own little party going on from the wee morning hours of 4-5am.  But words cannot describe how thankful I am for them and how much fun we're having raising the boys.. but man, these piles of laundry, dirty dishes & trash never seem to go away!! :P
@ 6 months

I may need to open up a bottle of wine or just indulge in sweets to reward myself at the end of the night OR taking Zumba & Body Works classes at LA Fitness have been incredibly stress relieving too!!! Not too sure if it's the work out or spending some alone time at the gym. ;) 
Talk about rewarding myself, I finished a half marathon back in September at the happiest place on earth!! One of the biggest accomplishments and rewarding feelings I've had this year since giving birth. 
13.1 miles in 3 hrs.. :) 
Finishing the race with my dear friend/neighbor, Jennie was a treat.
While I wait for the professional shots from Luna Photo, here are some shots I took with my Iphone and from Janet of Bloompia...I absolutely loved how everything turned out! I've planned so many weddings at Casa del Mar (here, here, here,) but this wedding has got to be my favorite design at Casa this year.  Love when our brides give us their complete confidence to do our own thing, of course with their budget in mind! 
The weather was oh-so PERFECT at Santa Monica for our beach soiree! Had fun styling their letterpress invites/paper goods from Fourteen Fourty
Our escort cards were tucked in trays of sea salt, sea shells and corals! :)

Bottega Louie macaroon favors on white square plates
Clear ghost chairs, floating candles and draping at the entrance doors make quite a statement, right?


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beautiful job, esther!