Friday, February 29, 2008

How to create an inspiration board: The Super Easy way! No photoshop required!

After many attempts to try using Photoshop... I just got even more frustrated! I just had to give up and told myself that ignorance can be a bliss after all! However, I found couple websites that can turn your inspiration images into a simple mosaic board less than 5 minutes! How cool is that!

*Use MosaicMaker. You have the option of using the URL of your image from another source (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.) or you can create a free membership on their site and then upload them for the mosaic. Once you’ve picked out your photos you can easily transform your photos into the following formats


*Use Cyworld
You can download it without signing up and it's so easy and quick! But you'd have to read & understand Korean to use it!
You can also change the background color and the border color, and increase/decrease the spacing between the photos with a simple click.

Here are a couple of mosaics that I came up with than 5 minutes! photo credit: Hanee Photo

images from the knot