Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Long or Short?

When it comes to choosing your veil, it definitely needs to complement your dress. Your veil depends on the style of wedding gown you choose, as well as your face shape and personality. Feeling royal? Go for the long veil. Want something more hip and modern? Go short. Something more edgy? Try a caged veil. I personally love love caged veils these days. I think they look very metro and sexy! But I must admit, it's not for everyone.

Photo Credit: Brooks

You must visit Jessica claire's blog if you haven't already, her pictures are just so breathtaking...Almost too beautiful for words.

Now, mantilla bridal veils are making a big comeback and they come in a variety of lengths beginning with shoulder length and as long as cathedral length veils. Whatever style and length you choose, balance is key. It should always complement your whole entire look.

Kim Hee-Seon is a Korean actress who recently got married last year and her wedding created a sensation in Korea. Her long mantilla veil was stunning!

Mrs. Radish from weddingbee Photo Credit: Forbes Creative Photography

And this one is from the lovely Knottie djrs whose whole look was just gorgeous!

too pretty for words... image from Paloma Blanca