Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hanna & Ken tie the knot 5/3/08

My dearest Hanna got married last weekend and as I spent the last days with her before the wedding day, I couldn't be happier and more proud of who she has become. Hanna is my first soon won in college that I mentored and I still remember the first bible study we had back in college. I don't think she was really interested in the beginning, but seeing her change so drastically over the years made me realize once again God's grace and mercy. She has also seen my ups and downs, my failures & mistakes, but I'm so thankful that she didn't judge me for my inadequacies and loved me for who I was.
My eyes were teary when she walked down the aisle, just reminiscing about all those times we laughed and cried, years of having bible study with her, and even the difficulties we had in terms of preparing for this wedding(we literally stayed up until 1am at the church).
I truly love her from the bottom of my heart and Ken is so lucky to have such a diligent, faithful, and loving wife as Hanna. Btw, Hanna was such a DIY bride! She made her own garter, flower girl basket, ring boy pillow, save the date card, invitation, program sheet, you name it! I will get those pictures for you later from the photographer but for now, enjoy some sneak peek photos from studio 104. Once again, Congratulations Hanna & Ken!


this is my favorite shot! look at Ken's expression! All photos: courtesy of Jenny Park


Unknown said...

these pictures turned out beautiful!

i got teary when they were dancing because they looked so happy... :)

Anonymous said...

unni~ thank you so much for everything! I know we couldn't have done it without you. We were able to enjoy our wedding day because we could trust you to take care of us! =) love you!