Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SoCal, here I come!

Dear Readers,
I haven't updated in a while not because I ran out of things to write, ^^but there were many decisions that my husband and I had to make in terms of our future plans. So, I was very busy traveling to the east coast to going back to LA & with upcoming summer weddings.

Now with full confidence that God will lead our family, we are moving back to LA by end of this month. We still haven't found a place to live and there are so many things going on in May that I'm not too sure if I can handle all the stress..however, I'm excited and nervous to go back down to LA to start a new chapter of our lives. Although moving up to Berkeley was such a hard transition for me, I've grown to love this area and our first home. All the relationships that God has placed in our lives, new opportunities & "relearning" of what the gospel means in my life, I cannot thank God for his perfect provision and sovereignty. Moving down to Socal will also mean that I will be accepting more weddings upcoming fall & next year. So all you So Cal brides, Esther will be on your way to help you ease your wedding day! :D