Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding hair styles

Having a bad hair day can definitely ruin your mood on your wedding day and sometimes all the pictures you scrap for different hair styles might not match with what you're going for. Those models you see on bridal magazines that have crazy hair and may look sexy & chic but dealing with Asian hair can be a totally different story. So today, I have collected couple images for all you Asian brides out there who are dreaming of having a perfect hair day, whether is an up do, half hair up, or long curly hair, make sure you choose a style that will match your dress and your facial shape~

collage 1collage
Sarah K. Chen is a wedding photographer based in OC and she looked stunning when she got married! I love the simplicity of her hair, very clean & classic
Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Sarah K Chen You must check out her blog! Her work is amazing! I love this look but I don't remember where I got this photo from