Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hanbok Trends

I wrote a post on fusion hanbok previously and it's time to look at more hanboks! One of our KCCC staff in NY, Young Hae is getting married in August and when I saw her hanbok pictures, I couldn't resist but to post up these amazing photos taken at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens! These look like Korean drama posters!!
photo credit: Wayne Yuan
I love this shot! Cherry blossom tree as the background for this shot is just perfect! Isn't Young Hae such a pretty bride?
Do you see her little hair clip? that is just way too cute!!
collage 2
Check out Britney Spears and Paris Hilton wearing Hanbok(I'm not too sure with this look, a fusion hanbok that has gone a little too far..)


Unknown said...

ack! i love these hanbok pictures too!!!

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton's doesn't look like a hanbok to me. It looks like a typical princess cupcake wedding/prom dress thing.