Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why You Need a Great Photographer...

If you had to sit down with your fiancé to talk about your wedding budget, I would definitely convince him/her to invest a good amount of the wedding budget on photography. Even if your budget is tight, I would still consider hiring not just a good photographer, but a GREAT photographer, and cut down your budget on other things as necessary. Renowned photographers' rates range between $6K all the way to $12K depending on their packages, albums, e-session and so forth.

My friend Christian, who is currently a campus missionary in Korea, recently got married to his beautiful wife Erin. Christian and I met each other 6 years ago, while undergoing the 6th GCTC training together through Korean Campus Crusade for Christ. Although we used to goof around and make fun of each other all the time back then, I am so proud of and challenged by his dedication to live his life for Christ. I was unable to attend the wedding ceremony because it was held in Korea, but I could not be happier for the couple as they begin a new chapter in life together.

Christian and Erin decided to fly out Scott Robert as the photographer for their wedding, and I am so excited to be able to share the stunning pictures with my readers! For those of you who are not familiar with Scott Robert's work, he is phenomenal! He is one of the leading photographers in the U.S and I've joined the rest of the crowd in stalking his blog! Haha~

The couple shot their engagement session at one of the royal palaces in Korea called KyungBok Palace, and as you can see, there's huge difference in what a great photographer can do with his skills! I have no idea how he processed his images, but if I did, I would definitely venture into photography myself. I envy all you computer savvy people out there!!

This picture was taken professionally click here for a photo credit.

This is the same spot, but look at the difference! This image is totally magazine worthy!

I love this shot of Christian and Erin!

Take a look at their e-session photos taken at other locations in Korea.

Scott Robert, if you're reading this, I bow to thee....

Congrats to the lovely couple Christian & Erin, and thank you for letting me share your beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see your wedding photos from the day of!


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