Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keeping it Simple

San Francisco-based floral designer Nancy Liu Chin's work is just fabulous! You need to check out her website to see some of her works!!! I love the simplicity of the arrangements and how no one element overpowers any other. More is most definitely NOT always better....

Speaking of keeping things simple, here are some simple DIY arrangements that are great for cocktail rounds.

Photo Credit: Trista Lerit Photography
You can purchase black pebbles at Ikea, World Market, or Moskatel's in Downtown LA and throw some cymbidium orchids & candles. You can purchase the orchids for $12-$15 dollars per stem and it should have 7-8 orchids in one stem if you get lucky. :)

I have no idea where I got this photo from (shoot me an email if you do, so I can give a proper photo credit) but I thought this little arrangement will go perfectly with the cocktail rounds for Hyun Ju's wedding. So here's a shot while Leena was working on this project and I was busy running around setting up the tables for the wedding.

I purchased 8 small square vases ($2 dollars each) and some moss ($5 dollars a bag) from Moskatel's in downtown LA. I first filled up slices of limes & lemons and cut the limes in half and placed them in each corner by securing them with toothpicks (I do recommend using longer sticks) Then I filled up the spaces with some moss and gently placed cymbidium orchids on top. Pretty simple and easy right? Total Cost: $55 dollars

Viola! Here's the final product - I should have taken out the seeds before taking the picture but oh well... pro shots from Studio 104 will be uploaded soon... :)

Another image missing a photo credit. (I sometimes have hard time keeping track of where I get these images from. But isn't this cute and budget friendly?)

So, here's what I came up with last weekend. Candles were purchased from Ikea and I wrapped it with Paper Source wrapping paper.