Monday, December 1, 2008

What you need to know about Chiavari chairs...

Chiavari chairs (pronounced shih-vahr-ee) are a popular option for wedding reception seating. It's important to remember that Chiavari chairs are an upgrade and are not typically included with your venue's wedding package although some venues carry them in house. Mohagani and gold ones seem to be the most popular color to be rented out through rental companies and chiavaris run about $7-$12 a piece and they may charge $1 dollar extra for a cushion. If you have your heart set on this pretty and classic option, be sure to budget at least an extra $800-$1200 per 100 guests.
Before you do any research, here are some questions you will need to ask to the rental company to compare their prices.

I recommend visiting their wearhouse before making any deposits to see their quality, (trust me!! some chiavari chairs do look cheap), color and cushion options. I hope within five years, these chairs' prices will go down a bit, making them more accessible for economical weddings. But until then, keep doing your research!
1) How much do you charge for delivery & set up fee?
2) When can you drop off and pick up the chairs? Will there be an extra fee if it's same day pick up? Ask your venue if they allow the next day pick up. How about Sunday weddings?

3) If we wanted to use the chiavari chairs during the ceremony and move them them to the reception, will there be extra charge for reception set up?
If you want to find out which companies I use for renting out these chairs, shoot me an email!