Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Susan & Ken tie the knot!

Hope you had a splendid holiday! I was hoping to gain 30 pounds overall throughout the pregnancy but I don't think that's gonna happen because as of today, I have gained 29 pounds due to my excessive eating during the holiday season. ^^
Anyways, I hope you're ready for some delicious eye candy today! I am thrilled to share these dreamy photos of Susan & Ken's wedding at Hacienday Golf Club. Do you remember the Sylmar wildfire entry I posted a while back? Even with the natural disaster, I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see everything come together beautifully. Susan was fabulous in every sense of the word. It was a DREAM working with her and I wish all of my clients were as easy going, sassy, fashionable and responsible like her! :) Let me just put it this way, she WAS the wedding coordinator! She took care of most of my job descriptions as the planner and I shouldn't take any credit for all of her detailed planning. With the whole fire situation, I was a bit worried that she would be somewhat dissapointed or stressed out about the guests showing up late to the ceremony, but just minutes before I walked into the bridal lounge to tell her that the ceremony will be delayed, I saw her praying & she could not have looked more peaceful and beautiful. I'm so glad everything went perfectly as planned and it was my true joy watching Susan & Ken having so much fun by the end of the night.

last minute touch up to her birdcage veil

I love the look on her bridesmaid's expressions!

I cannot get enough of these shots with susan & her stunning pronovia dress

I am completely in LOVE with her bridesmaids' dresses from BCBG

Ken looks pretty good himself, right?
Who says Korean moms need to wear hanbok? Susan's mom looked HOT with her Tadashi dress

Overview of the ceremony set up

It was dark by end of the night, but the ceremony looked more romantic with the lanterns & lights.

Huge thanks to Luna Rentals for their awesome job with lighting!

Instead of candy buffet, we had popcorns & variety of nuts instead. It was an instant hit during the cocktail hour.

Shane, the MC led married couple dance competition, and it was pretty hilarious to watch all of the couples dance their heart out!

Oh man.. I don't think I'll ever forget Susan's brother & his wife doing the chair dance. This is where he takes off his vest and wraps it around his wife. hahaha
Susan & Ken,
It was my pleasure working with both of you. In a way, the wedding felt even *more* triumphant because we hadn’t allowed nature to ruin the plans. I feel like I was able to really flex my coordination skills by thinking on my feet and most importantly, keeping a smile on my face. Beyond all of this external “success” of the day, I feel incredibly honored to have known you and thank you for all your non stop praises & kind words. I wish you the best of luck and hope you settle down well @ your new home in New Jersey!
Now with the vendor round up
Wedding gown: Beautiful day
Hair & Make up: Jung Ha at Etude Lounge
Photographer: Jenny Park of Studio 104
DJ: Konrad
MC: Shane Yoon
Cake: New York Bakery


Anonymous said...

wow, such a beautiful wedding!

sp said...

Thank you Esther for putting all this together beautifully...you handled everything so well despite the madness that there was not a single thing to complain about our wedding.
Ken and I were very pleased with your work and had such a fabulous time.(i wish i could do it again!!) we will spread your name to all our friends.