Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birdcage Veil

Birdcage Veils are so popular these days!

Katherine Heigle wore a birdcage veil at her wedding.

Jessica Alba starring in Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer also wore a birdcage veil~
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As well as Reese Witherspoon who starred in Sweet Home Alabama
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Let's start off with a little history: In the West the bride would wear her hair down to symbolize virginity, now this veil is supposed to symbolize that. The unveiling then represents what is to take place in the marriage bed. The Roman brides supposedly wore veils to protect the bride from evil spirits.

There are many types of veils.
The following are Birdcage Veils.

The Wedge
{Image from Unveiled Bridal Designs}

The Bandeau
{Images from Unveiled Bridal Designs}

The Angle

The Blusher{Images from Unveiled Bridal Designs}

You can buy them or make them~
Castle Bride: unique styles
The Tiara Room: have to go in yourself
Events & Occasions: affordable

For more about veils look at past entry "Long or Short" by Esther Kim


sp said...

i thought i was the one to start this birdcage veil trend..haha..j/k
btw, katherine heigle's picture above is so beautiful.

sp said...

one more helpful hint on birdcage veil--it was kind of difficult to find the perfect birdcage veil for myself. ones with nice embellishments go upto 300 dollars. so i bought this cheap birdcage veil and replace just the flower with this vintage feather head piece i found...