Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boudoir Session

Guest Blogger: Won K. Choi
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I'm sure you may have heard of Boudoir Session, a new sexy trend, yet it might still be a little strange to you. It is a photo album with you in sexy lingerie with beautiful, dramatic, and alluring poses. This photo album can be a memorable surprising gift for your going-to-be husband and it usually gets good reactions! It is okay even if you are not a pro, but here are some tips that can help you to end up looking like a pro with confidence.

Boudoir Session is definitely gaining attention and popularity, but what exactly is it all about?

The photo shoots can be taken in a relaxed atmosphere of a private studio, the bride’s house, her friend’s house, or a luxury hotel room. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable and feel safe and secure.
You may bring anyone you feel comfortable with, as your enjoyment sharing partner, but usually it is best you to come alone only for the best results; often times, you become self-conscious with other friends, fiancés or family members looking at you. Children are not allowed to be there when the session is on.
You should bring your own outfits, different lingerie items for a variety of shoots. You can wear whatever you want, but photographers don’t provide what you are going to wear.
It is helpful that you bring some magazine with different poses you would like to try or, at least, think of the poses before you take the shoots. It does, of course, save you time and lessen the awkwardness during the photo session.

You do not need to worry about your body even if you don’t have a so-called perfect body or you don’t wear size 0. Photographers will capture the natural beauty of you and will focus on minimizing certain attributes and maximizing others. Your going-to-be husband thinks you are sexy the way you are!
You will be consulting with your photographer before the session. You will discuss the location and how the session will be conducted. Your photo will never be on the public unless you give them th
e ‘go-ahead.’
The part you don’t want to show won’t be shown. Not to worry, you are not going to take a nude shot unless you decide to do it. Believe in the technology and skills of photographers, you will end up seeing princess-looking pictures.

Everything is all up to you so plan carefully, yet be carefree with your shoot: Show off how fantastic you are! Photographers are there to help you have the most beautiful images of you, so just work with
them as you have fun. Every photographer is different in their styles, so choose the photographer only after you visit their websites, see their galleries, or contact them to ask some questions. Don’t be shy, be proud of yourself- revealing your beauty can be fun and thrilling. Think about your fiancés who will enjoy it! It really will be an incredibly romantic and intimate gift to your fiancé and an unforgettable experience for youself, too.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star
Photo Credit: Jennifer Skog