Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sylvia & Dongmin Tie the Knot (Part I )

Hope you are in for some treats!! This is just a sneak preview of what is to come and I can't wait to receive all the detailed images shortly.

For eight months of planning, Sylvia and I probably shared more than 100 emails back and forth. I met Sylvia & Dong Min on the day they got engaged and I loved helping her put together this fabulous Cafe Pinot "downtown city theme" wedding. Keywords that drove the design of this event included deep purple, silver, modern, stylish, city, and romantic. Despite the weather circumstances, it was quite dreamy to see everything come together so perfectly on the day of. I am dying to see all the photos of our hard labor! :)

I cannot rave about how wonderful my clients are, but this couple was seriously something. She had so many creative and unique ideas that we instantly clicked right away and meeting up with them every time was pure joy. I did see her being a bit of a bridezilla at one point, who wouldn't be? (Sylvia, I know you're probably giggling while reading this comment, haha), but she was one of the sweetest, caring, and fun brides I have worked with. This wedding was one of the most international weddings I planned and there were guests who flew in all the way from Singapore, New Zealand, China, Texas, and etc.

Now on to the images!! I am delighted to share these stunning images from their day thanks to Jennifer S. Rau! Stay tuned for Part II

Looking flawless in her Jim Hjelm wedding gown and Erica Koesler hair piece

Huge thanks to Nicole DeAnne for turning her into a stunning bride

Awww...this picture is making me teary for some reason. I love this shot!

Bride's bouquet consisted of purple anemones, purple tulips, purple mokara orchids, and white ranunculus.

My favorite shot... They both look so happy!

Their choreographed dance was superb! If you're looking for a dance instructor, shoot me an email.

The sparklers entrance after the pae bek ceremony. It was a huge hit!

Can't believe it's already May! This month will be crazy busy as my in-laws are finally coming from Korea to see the baby and to celebrate his 100 days of life (called Bek Il in Korean). On top of this, we're moving to a bigger place end of this month and I have 2 weddings to coordinate. Talk about being a super mom! As a nursing mom, it's physically difficult to leave the baby at home and work 12-14 hours straight, but I am incredibly thankful that my job allows me to work at home and be flexible with scheduling appointments. I am actually getting too excited (more than any other special occasions) to celebrate my first "mother's day" this month!! No really... I would have never imaged that I'd have this much love for my son and my dear husband.
I love motherhood....