Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bridal Bouquet Embellishment

Photo Credit: Nicole Ladonne Photography

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

Photo Credit:Evoke Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah K. Chen

Even if you need to cut back on centerpieces, you want to splurge on your bridal bouquet since it will be photographed the most. Remember that your florist cannot read your mind even if you like his/her work!!!! Nancy Liu Chin has written a blog entry on "Avoiding disappointments"at weddingbeepro and I could not agree more when she wrote "Pink to me could mean light pink, dark pink, bubble gum pink, blush pink, coral pink, salmon pink. Showing vendors what you mean is almost as important as communicating what you expect."
Speaking of bridal bouquet, bouquet embellishments is a growing trend and options are truly endless. It can be something old or borrowed, I encourage all brides to introduce their unique touches to their wedding, go at it and have fun!

Here are some brooches I found on Etsy under $10 dollars!