Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love Actually....

After the dance floor closes and the last tips are paid to the vendors, I finally get a chance to breathe and think about all the things that happened throughout the day. A LOT of thoughts, emotions, and feelings flood my mind as I drive home. Feelings of relief while feeling exhausted from a day of running around and yet a complete sense of satisfaction.

Lately, I’ve been interacting with a lot of parents of the bride and groom. During our meetings I get to hear about their family background and history. As I meet with them, I’ve come to the conclusion that all parents, seriously, ALL parents want what is best for their children. However, I noticed that the way people/families show and express their love is often misinterpreted.

Motherhood is constantly teaching me valuable lessons. I think I can now get a glimpse of how each parent might feel as they watch their child tie the knot. I’m beginning to see things from a new perspective. In the past when it came to planning weddings, I was always preoccupied with flowers, stationary, timelines, linens, tables, favors, vendors, and etc.

But now, I’ve been noticing mothers quietly sobbing as their daughters/sons exchange their vows..

Fathers proudly looking at his child and thinking about all their child’s accomplishments in life.


I see LOVE..


but also see disappointments and pain.

Behind the laughter, I can also see the tears, heartaches, doubts and regrets.

Oftentimes their facial expressions, the emotions and feelings I observe are ones that I can somehow relate to and understand.

There is no such thing as a perfect family, but that is what makes life more challenging, unique and beautiful.

Life/Family is not always as we dreamed it would be. Just because you are getting married and starting a new family does not necessarily mean you are starting on a clean slate. Yes it is a new chapter, but when two families come together, oftentimes it comes with baggage and family issues that need to be dealt with.

One thing is becoming clearer to me, life is complex, but LOVE seems to simplify all things.


And at the end of the day, I realize once again how precious life is.

This entry is dedicated to Jaclyn and Oren who just tied the knot this past weekend; who declared their love to each other in from of all the people who love and cherish them. Let’s LOVE, even the non-rsvp guests who showed up randomly too! I love you, Jaclyn & Oren!


On a sidenote: Our poor little guy got sick for the first time. It wasn’t easy watching him cough all night. He was cranky for a couple of days and has become more clingy. At one point, I lost my patience and yelled at him to stop crying. I don’t know what came over me, but I guess I’m not used to having someone who needs me constantly. I still regret raising my voice and promised myself that I would never raise my voice again. But, even while I’m typing this I know that I will most likely repeat the same mistake over and over. I have to remind myself that I am just as weak and fragile as my son is. I realized that I need to treasure these moments that I have, because they will never come back again.. love you, Grant!

- mommy is a bit emotional today...

Photo credits: Leigh Miller, Varland Photography, Sarah K. Chen, Jennifer Skog, Michael Norwood


susan said...

A beautiful post..

connieMchung said...

wonderful post.

JYom said...

It's ok to be a bit emotional. No one is ever a perfect mommy.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

aw. thank you for your honesty! such a great post... I agree that the love is often misinterpreted on wedding days. It was really difficult to get a nice, smiling picture of me and my mom on my wedding day because her face was usually crinkled up and teary-eyed! But I know it was love. :)

I hope that Grant is feeling better! Is this why I didn't see you on Sunday? missed you!

jyang said...

well as a fellow mother, i know what you mean about your baby and yelling and regretting but that's motherhood. we learn as they grow too. they'll see that we're just as human and that's ok. i know it's not easy when your lil one is sick but hang in there. i love all your wedding posts although i could never do it. when i see your posts i wish i could get married all over again, well sometimes. hope you're doing well!