Friday, September 18, 2009

NS & Jung tie the knot!

Yay! The pictures are finally out! Wish I could share some of the shots of Namsil & Jung, but they didn't want their photos to be shared to the public so I'll just share the detailed images.
Here's the overview of the ceremony set up. Simple ivory chiffon drape with orange circle petals in the front for intimacy. At the end of the wooden benches are plates of white rose petals to be thrown during the recessional.
Love it!
Jung’s nephew, Maxim and niece, Jianna! They're half Italian & half Korean and they seriously should do cover ads for Gap! Maxim wore Chucks instead of traditional dress shoes. LOVE IT!
Here's the picture of our entire set up of the sign in table. The items found during the Great Finds are used in this wedding!
We took Polaroid pictures of the guests as they walk in, and hung them along the table with the extra programs.
My creation
After searching for the right vintage typewriter for about a month, I finally found a seller from Craigslist in my area. We also had the guests write a message to the bride and groom using a customized chalkboard (the black frame we purchased from IKEA. The guest took Polaroid pictures while holding the frame.
My creation
The bride's bouquet and the grooms boutonniere.
The escort card table: was made up of a variety of props from old fashion soda pop to a handmade vintage suitcase.
The dessert bar was a hit that night. I had to keep an eye on it so the children and guests didn’t skip dinner and go straight to dessert. The dessert bar was made up of macaroons, biscotti, meringues, personalized cookies, chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, dark chocolate pieces. Kaylas Kakes did an amazing job incorporating props that complimented the theme of the wedding. All props seen in the picture were purchased from Pottery Barn, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.
Kayla and I went to World Market and found this rustic shelf with drawers. This was such a good idea, utilizing the drawers as a place to put the macaroons and other desserts.
Kayla went the an extra mile with the dessert bar- she made a special treat for the kids who came to the wedding. Kettle corn and a personalized lollipop were waiting to be devoured by the kids. The kids were so excited!
My creation
The close up shot. I love how she carefully placed these moss balls and used them to keep the dessert tags in place.
My creation
My creation
The napkins were purchased from For Your (150 for $45) and the chalkboard frame stand that was placed on the bar was from one of the craiglists sellers.
My creation
“All Because Two People Fell In Love…” was the perfect phrase that described the evening. We incorporate it into a lot of the wedding details. I asked Jason from Cloud 9 to come up with a screenshot that we could display throughout the wedding, and he came up with an image that complimented the Marvimon space perfectly!
MIKE ISBERTO! If you are looking for a person to sing indie, soul, folk songs at your wedding I highly recommend you visit his Myspace, you can listen to all his songs there. I randomly discovered Mike when I went to Brea’s farmers market with my hubby and Grant about a month ago and had no idea how popular he was! We had him sing his original songs during cocktail hour. I love his voice and stage presence when he sings. Thanks Mike for making creating an personal and intimate atmosphere!
A peek at the reception set-up

My creation
We transformed the ceremony area into a lounge area for the guests to enjoy throughout the reception. Marvimon and Elm Concierge brought out their couches, cocktail tables and chairs for the guests to enjoy the light summer breeze at night. The weather was perfect!
My creation
Tacos for midnight snack! This was probably the guys' favorite part of the wedding and one of the highlights of the reception. While dancing the night away, guests enjoyed freshly grilled marinated chicken, beef, and pork tacos. Call Mobile Tacos if you ever want to serve tacos at your parties, weddings, corporate events, their tacos are legit! YUM! I personally think they are way better than KingTacoor El Taurino in LA. 2263_IMG_0990


Anonymous said...

I think the venue is just gorgeous! Everything about this wedding seems so great!!

Jenn said...

oh my gosh, esther! this has to be my favorite wedding ever!!! great job!

SK said...

This wedding appears to have so many personal touch and significance. I love the whole atmosphere but how much would it cost? It looks like this wedding wasn't on a limited budget.

Esther said...

hey sarah, yeah...we did try to cut down on flowers & other decor but the venue and the food alone were $16K for 70 people and this is not including all the rentals... that's why it was giving me so much headache trying to cut down on other stuff..

connieMchung said...

wow. everything came together so beautifully. awesome!!!!

Jeanne Oliver said...

I found you through my friend Tara's blog...just gorgeous!!!

the wild raspberry said...

it is all so perfect and the circle of flowers around the bride and groom~how romantic!

have a wonderful weekend.

Free Art Printables said...

Over from Tara's blog! What awesome ideas and pics!

HazelnutPhotography said...

DEEELICIOUS details! I'm dying over ever little bit. Marvimon is definitely one of my most favorite venues in LA. I could shoot there every weekend.

DJ K-rad (Konrad Loo) said...

I enjoyed DJing that wedding. It was a blast! B+G, wedding party and guests enjoyed it from the beginning to the very end! Every time working with Esther is always something new and creative. Lots of style and fresh approaches that gives awe-inspiring visual feast to your eyes yet very simple, elegant, and intimate. Again, great job!

Lori said...

Wow! Beautiful. I loved creating these programs, but it's always sad to send them off into the world, but this was a perfect home for them. Thanks for sharing their day.

nancy {So Happi Together} said...

I LOVE the marvimon but was always scared of it because of the way the space is laid out, but you arranged both the ceremony, reception and cocktail areas so creatively and beautifully! Congrats on such a fabulous job!