Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Loving the texture, creativity behind this designer Eunsuk Hur. Textiles that explore the boundaries of fashion, interior, art and craft... just so inspirational!








Absolutely loving these images by Labor of Love created by Ashley Meaders

OK. I saved these three lovely images on my desktop for a while and have no idea where I found them. Love the newspaper wall decal and the blue & hot pink color combination of this living room!

look 4 less - finds - spaces (idea boards)-1
Have a great weekend everyone!


jozen said...

oh wow! just stumbled upon your blog and i am in love!

Grace said...

love the last picture. when you look at the wallpaper for what it is, it's not so pleasing! but when put with great furniture, it's so beautiful! james hong has his wall covered with old books =) check out his facebook!

Esther said...

@jozen,thanks for the lovely comment! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through blog as well~
@grace, i visited james' office and suggested to cover the wall with newspaper or old books. haha! i also sent him these images and i think that's why the images were saved on my desktop. you should visit his office too! :)

Grace said...

so it was all you!! niceeeee. everyone seems to love the decor on his wall. kudos queen. miss ya.