Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Bride Story Gives Back!

As of now, My Bride Story has been donating 10%-15% of our total monthly income to non-profit organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ, World Vision and Frontiers. While this has been a tremendous blessing for us and the organizations (specifically for the staff who are working diligently to spread the Gospel), we decided to take a different approach to our giving.

Being inspired by Brandon Kidd Photography, the amazingly talented husband/wife duo photographers, MBS will now give back 10% of the package to one or multiple organizations on behalf of our clients. Our clients will have the liberty of choosing which organization they would like to support and that 10% will be sent out in check form from MBS on behalf of our clients' names.

Our effort is not only for us to give back but we also want to include our clients in the inexpressibly joy that comes from giving. This also gives us a chance to get to know more organizations/charities that are doing wonderful things around the world. We hope and believe this small act will open a door to some great conversations with our clients. We want to engage in conversations (not merely wedding planning discussions) and sharing the true meaning of giving and love to those who are around us.

NOTE: 'MBS Giving Back' will start immediately in October so please email/share with us any organizations you think would benefit from our giving. We hope to do a mission spotlight once in a while to feature their work for our readers to be inspired and challenged. Let's take a break from wedding planning and start off on a positive foot, making an impact in the lives of others as you yourselves start your journey together as husband and wife!
MBS Staff